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Works! Thank you and holly Hell that was fast ^^

I enoyed the Game untill:

This Happens when you get to the point where the Spell fails and you cant get her to see your past (not enough trust propably)

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Nice but short Story with heavy Themes that realy make you think if its ok to ignore some signs on ppl.
Loved it but as with most Avs one thought is the same: "Why is there no Epiloge" xD

Ps:Mother of the Year for the "get a Boyfriend so i dont have to deal with you" line!

I just HAD to make an account here to say....this is THE single most amazing yuri game i've ever seen...after playing all 6 routes im in SHOCK that this issnt on Steam bc it should be!Normaly i play VN's in like hmm 8-12 h mb a day (im a fast reader) but this? 2,5 Days of pure laughter and sweet moments(you dont know your own slurs had me laughting on the floor)

Now is it perfect? no ofc not Spelling errors left and right some plotholes and some loose endes that just dont realy fit but even with all its flaws it a Masterwork.

Im so happy after playing Blakes route...she is simply awesome!

Thank you from the Bottom of my Yuri loving Heart for this Game