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Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed it! 😊

Very glad you enjoyed it, Amber! 😁

Hey, thanks for playing! I hope to expand on the concept one day!

Loved the chat mechanic! I streamed the game live and that was one hell of a meta experience. I eagerly await more creative games from the developer 💜

I've never played DDLC, nor watched any playthrough of it.
These characters are from a pack on Itch, I did not create them.
It's a short, free prototype so I can play around with game systems, I don't see any reason to take offense :)

A wonderful thriller experience, major props to all of you bellboys! 😍

I enjoyed my time with Avarice! Few games make me swear, but this one got me on edge. 😱 As a student project, this is a great P.T.-type game!

Glad you had fun with it, FCD! I'll keep you in mind if I need some resources for my next project 👻

Thank you so much for the kind response! It makes me glad that people enjoy it. 

Thanks for the kind words! :D

Thanks for playing it, and thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for playing! Sorry you got stuck at the puzzle. I figured the "happy birthday to me" on the wall beneath the keypad combined with the glowing red bed with a date would be enough, but I should have set aside some time for playtesting with a test audience. Most people try 1974 as the code, despite that not being a birth date, rather a birth year. I considered adding a special text then hinting at 1974 being almost right but that she should look for the day and month, but ended up not doing it. I'll try to have some more in-world hints for my next puzzle!

Thanks for playing it, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for believing in it! 💀💀

I appreciate the support! 👻

It was a joy to watch the video, I appreciate the kind words! I might have to expand on the game if people keep digging the concept! 👻

I skimmed through the video, I appreciate the feedback! I agree with it, the mechanic could have been used in more ways. I did run out of time towards the end, which I sadly think shows. I hope to do it more justice at some point 👻

Glad you found it spooky! 💀

Glad you loved it! 💀

Thanks for playing! 👻

Glad you liked it! 👻

I might have to make more then 👻

I hope to be able to play more with the mechanic one day. Thanks for playing! 😁

I'm glad you enjoyed it! 🤩

Thanks for playing it! Yes, the flashlight caused some strange shadows, I was never quite able to fix it. 🤠

Thanks for checking it out! 🤠

I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for playing! 👻

Eyy, thanks for playing the game!

I'm glad you enjoyed the prototype!


Thanks for checking it out 👻

Spoopy! 👻👻

Yeah, I agree. The elevator part isn't that inspired, it was something I did quickly to wrap up the game so I could focus on other assignments. It'd be nice to get to flesh out the experience more... 💀

I'm glad you think the premise has promise!

Thanks for playing, I hope to bring more spoops in the future! 💀

Thanks! Sorry about no jumping, hehe 💀

There is no in-game option for graphics, you have to do it from the launcher application 😊

Glad you had fun 👻

👻 Thanks for the kind words!