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Hey friend can you send me a steam key?  I don't use much so I don't know how to contact you. 

I don't quite understanding how upgrading skills work. I find that I could click on some nodes but not others, even though I have a skill  (starting skill) adjacent to it. Is it a bug or do I lack some condition?

thanks so much for this lol.

the game is very interesting and I decided to support you anyway. But will there be plans for any kind of config to adjust the difficulty? I hesitate to call it 'difficulty' because some of the design choices do not make the game challenging, they just add frustration. Maybe you can add a slider to adjust some RNG elements or  like some have said, remove some bad RNG from the normal mode and include them in a 'hard mode'.

I know devs all have a vision of their work in mind, and sometimes it can be hard to compromise on that. But I believe I'm speaking for many others when I say that more forgiving RNG will only increase the quality of gameplay 

Heck, just knowing where in the game files I can tweak some numbers would make this 100% better. Maybe I will find something if I check all the json files.