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That's okay, I understand. I really haven't been feeling great either. Actually that's a severe understatement, but I digress. It is completely okay.

Thank you for telling me that. I didn't know where to look for him.

The only thing that I hate about choice of games is that, outside of Dashingdon, there are no save states, and only some of them have checkpoints, so you have to start all over if you made a bad choice.

Even I know to make sure that the person that I vote for is a good person by researching them. They might assumably run the country, after all.

I used to think that all foreign countries were better than the U.S. I suppose that was naive of me.

That's not fair. Why does America have better medication, and why won't americans send it to other countries, so that they can have it as well? If I had thyroid medicine I would definitely send it to you.

My clothes are clean now, and I couldn't be happier! I feel so fresh~

Goodness, what is wrong with people? Especially those perverts! At that point, I would give them a real scare by chasing them as far as I could, then explain the situation to my boss later.

No bathroom or water breaks, and dealing with drunk people, and cleaning after hours of working. I would quit too. How were they able to keep any workers there?

At least it seems like she had fun. That reminds me of when my cousins threatened to not let me come back to Six Flags, ( a theme park), because I didn't want to go on any rollercoasters, or rides that went into the sky. People forcing you to do scary activities are the worst.

To me, being hot is better than being cold, but it would be better to just be warm. Not having a backup person for such an important room is a huge oversight, and a major inconvenience. What was your boss thinking?

I guess some girls like verbally abusive guys. I couldn't imagine why. Charms or no, I couldn't stand to romance a rude boy.

If you still like sadistic yanderes, then you should look up Eggsmr on youtube. He does asmr voice acting as different sadistic yanderes. You would love him.

Characters who want a prize instead of a lover are weird to me. Like, they don't love you, they just want to dominate you, and that feels wrong to me.

I actually don't mind that Kakeru was clingy, or even really that he locked me up. Lying to our dad about me though, mocking the way that he said I walk, and spying on me with cameras like he doesn't trust me, is going too far.

Oh, I get what kind of yandere Takaaki is now. I do love those types of yandere. Yanderes that never get angry at their love interest, and that worship them, like they adore everything about them to the point of obsession, I like them. A happy, kind, obsessive, protective, but trusting yandere is the type that I like. Like the kind of guy that will leave the front door unlocked after kidnapping you, trusting that you won't run away, and only locking you in a room if you break that trust. One that won't kiss you without your permission, but will give you lots of hugs to make up for it. And will do anything for you. I want a guy like a game only, of course.

Maybe we should both visit Finland, then. :D

I didn't eat anything but walnuts for two days, but I lost enough weight that way. Peanuts fill you up surprisingly fast. I know that being on a diet sucks. Depriving yourself of foods that you love isn't fun. I hope that you at least have diet shakes or trail mix, or nutrigrain bars or something that tastes good. Those walnuts had no flavor to them, and I didn't put any salt on them, so that I didn't get extra calories. Don't make the mistake that I made, and at least eat something with flavor.

It mostly makes my life difficult. The kids don't know how to mop properly, so I end up cleaning up pee, and I have to help clean up waste too. Plus feed the cat, because they at least feed the dog. But, the dog jumping on the table, and going through the trash does affect everyone. And it jumps on anyone who is carrying food too. Also not fun, because its' nails are long, and they hurt.

My favorite tea flavors are green tea, black tea, and lemon ginger tea. I didn't know some people claim that their tea can cure stomach aches. However, herbal tea does make my stomach feel better sometimes. And all tea makes me feel sleepy, not just camomile. I thought tea was just supposed to make you sleepy, like coffee wakes you up.

Taking things slow does sound like a good idea. I heard that you mostly get burn out if you do too much at once. A lot of rest and tea/water might help, too. I do hope that you feel okay right now though.

Yeah, I can't see you being angry, you seem too nice for that. But, it sucks that you can't even feel content. Do you think aromatherapy or a stress ball might help to make you less anxious?

I don't understand how other people can be so strong. It is literally terrifying for me to live with these people. They always find a mistake that I made and annoy me about it, or they find something about me to insult, telling me that I need to change. Nothing that I do is ever enough for them. But, I made the decision to live with them, so I can't really complain.

That's okay. I found an engine where you can export to all devices, and is also for mobile called Godot, but I downloaded it and I had no clue what to do. I have no coding skills, so I got overwhelmed fast. I'll be blunt: I hate twine, so I wanted to use a different engine. But, Godot is not it. So, it will be a while before I can make a decent game for you, anyway.

Getting chocolate sounds like the best way to celebrate any holiday~ ^_^ We don't do much for Easter either, so I'm just going to try to relax.

Aaron is really gentle, kind, and hard-working. Who wouldn't like him? Um, Coda isn't really my type, but I don't hate him.

Oh, that's why his smile looks a little scary at first. But, I got used to it. When I found out about his insomnia, I even thought that his smile was strained because he was tired all of the time. XD

It is very surprising. He is so sweet~

Thank goodness! I almost felt bad for him.

Way to just assume no one wants to date Aaron. I actually happen to like him.

That's a good idea! I'll send him a message on whatever social media he is on.

Yeah, you should never have to NEED to escape reality.

Ooh, I go to the online 'Choice Of Games' site now, but I remember those choose your own adventure books. They were so much fun!

Aren't the votes rigged? That's what I heard anyway. If that is the case, it would explain a lot.

The U.S must be the first most miserable country then. There is bullying, over-eating, killing, and, apparently, we are the country known to have the highest suicide rate, as well. So, yeah, not a good look on us.

I just looked up the definition of thyroid, and it seems pretty important. Are you okay? All of my warm clothes need washing right now. All I am wearing are two short-sleeved shirts, and a pair of blue jeans. We are out of bleach, so I can't get any sweaters or long-sleeved shirts washed right now, either.

I looked up images of alpacas, and, yeah, they are pretty cute. Your dad sounds like a really kind person. He reminds me of my mom. She used to buy me whatever I wanted too. I did hear that customer service was tough, but at least you got chocolates. XD That would make it all worth it to me.

Now I'm curious about the downsides to a job like that. People usually scare me, because I get nervous around them. I can't imagine trying to scare anyone. I probably wouldn't be good at it.

I have a bad memory, so I could not memorize lines that easily. Being the nun would have been hard just because of that. I feel kind of bad for that woman. This is why I can't go to haunted houses at theme parks; I would be just as scared as that lady.

I'm pretty weak, so holding that skull would be torture to me. >.< And, did the dry ice make the area cold? We've established that neither of us is good with the cold, so that would be hard for both of us. I hope you at least got bathroom breaks if you drank that much water.

I hope you try to practice self-care once a day, at least. ^-^

I'm glad that people can't push you around as much anymore. I also had to learn to stand up for myself and learn to say no to people at times.

Why do some girls like guys like Sakae? As someone who used to like sadistic yanderes, can you tell me? Takaaki's description reminds me of Kakeru. He was sooo sweet...until his ending, when I realized, he is kind of a jerk. So, Takaaki might leave me feeling disillusioned, too.

Hearing you say that, makes me so happy~ I want to go into the light, and, maybe one day I will.

Thank you for telling me that! Now, I'm moving to Finland, so that I can find a good support group.

I'm kind of on a diet right now, actually. I'm not really fat, but I gained a pound or two, ans now I feel like I need to lose that weight.

The cat and the dog that my cousins have are not house trained, and both are kind of violent, so I am not really finding animals very comforting right now. But, when I drink tea, I also feel sleepy, and that feeling makes me a bit numb to my emotions so that I don't feel them too strongly, which I like. 

I would be happy to get another yandere game from you, but I hope you don't get burn out symptoms.

 I just get numb to the sadness now. When I am feeling content, (which is very rare now), and, I go back to my normal depression, I mostly just feel empty. Unless I end up sad because of an argument with a relative, then I end up almost in tears.

Keep up the good work! I am truly looking forward to playing this game when it comes out!

I am very sorry to bother you, but, I tried to play this on Winlator, and it crashed after the loading screen. Can you give me a guess as to what might be the problem? This was right after it got to 100 percent.

I'm using Winlator.

I hope so. He needs to know how happy he made me!

Well, reality sucks. Fiction is better, anyway. 

I think that I got lucky. If I wasn't so good at escapism, I probably wouldn't be here right now.

I think that a good president would help the lives of ordinary people so much. Maybe one day, we will have a kind president run the country.

That sounds fun! I hope that you had a good time. \(^O^)/

I've never had a toy like that before, but it sounds useful. I get cold so easily, so I need something like that. I know what llamas look like, but  I have never seen an alpaca before. I should look it up sometime. I'm so happy that everything worked out well for you. At least you got job experience, and a possible discount on that toy. Fun fact - I could never work at a donut or icecream shop; I would use all of my money on sweets, and that would not be good for me. ^-^;

That does sound like fun. You seem way too nice to scare anyone, though.

That is such a kind reason to live! But, living for yourself is nice too. I hope you don't stretch yourself too thin trying to help others. Take care of yourself first, sweetie.

And people who make mobile games don't care if most people pay for items, because they get sooo much money from just a small portion of people. Thank goodness for emulators because greedy people like them don't deserve my money or time. Because even if you don't pay with money, you will pay with your time. And time is too important to waste.

I knew you were kind. <3 Yeah, but I sometimes wonder if it would be better if I really could go to another planet that was inhabitable. Maybe one day it will be possible.

Yeah,  a yandere can keep me locked in his house in a game, and kill my best friend, but if I could tell that they really loved me, I would still give them a chance. I'm more used to school settings in games honestly, and these two new yanderes in Yandere Heaven look scary and intimidating. But, yeah, Takaaki doesn't seem as bad. Without spoiling too much, how nice is Takaaki?

You are so sweet! You didn't have to worry so much about me~ While I am very grateful, if the loading times are that bad, I think that this particular series is a hard pass for me. I know that you will make other great yandere games in the future, and I will wait patiently, yet eagerly for those. (:

How are those high notes possible? This singers voice is so beautiful! But, I wonder if this is a love song about remembering someone close to you.

I actually would also like you to listen to this cover of Deep Sea Girl:

I think this song reminds me of how I feel about you. You really do make me want to live again.

Even though the ending of the video is really sad, I think that I like the lyrics more than Aura, because the words in I Exist describe how I feel sometimes. Like 'I see the morning light and wonder why I'm still here.' and 'If I exist another day would anybody even effin care.' But hearing 'better days will come to light', by someone who seems to understand me, feels kind of nice.

Well, chocolate also makes me happy! :D I hope to keep being a good friend to you for a long time.

I think that I played every good route in the extended demo. Noah is kind, gentle, patient, understanding, protective, stern, smart, a good cook, handsome, a gentleman, and has really pretty blue eyes. He seems tired a lot, and has dark circles under his eyes, and seems a bit stressed out because of the player, but I think he's precious. I would honestly stay with him forever. Let me marry him, and I'll be happy. Also, I love the animation. The rain on the main menu, and the steam from the bowl of soup, and the cup of tea are really cool and helps with the immersion. Keep up the great work, and I hope that you still take breaks, and relax sometimes.

I LOVE Paithem! Keep up the great work!


I really love Leander! I can't wait for the next update.

Of course I'll wait! I love the yandere already~ ^_^

I used a translator to play this game, and I really love it! I hope you update soon!

You are an angel, and a miracle worker! It works! The game works, and I can hear his voice! I wish I could thank Snowe's voice actor, because he really did an incredible job. I am going to replay that game so many times because of him, and your wonderful writing skills. (: 

I mostly write to vent feelings and escape reality. When I was younger, and I read my stories to myself, I felt like I had escaped to a world all my own, and it was even better than any other story, because I know what to write to make myself feel happy and free.

I simply dissociate myself from them, which leads to me spending time alone, reading and playing games to escape. It's unhealthy, and sometimes I question my mental health, but it keeps me from doing what Sapphie almost did. I'm still here because I know how to use fiction to heal myself.

This is why many people think that the government is evil. People are already struggling because of their condition, and they just make things worse for them. I really hope things get better one day. It's depressing to live under the thumb of such corrupt humans.

Why are those monsters given such positions of power? And of course, ordinary citizens can do nothing against them. It's like a killer having connections to a cop, so calling the police on them is useless. It's disgusting.

Oooh, are we the same age? That is so cool! And, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope that you had a very fun time on your Birthday~

At least you can say that you have prior work experience in job interviews, that's really helpful.

I was asking myself what I'm living for, and...heh, I guess to check on game updates on twitter and tumblr. To be honest, games are the only reason I'm still alive, and that is why I die a little inside whenever someone deletes their game, especially when it's still incomplete. Uh, I don't know what I would do without good otome games, Winlator, and Joiplay. Mobile games are frustrating because you can only play a little every day, with constant prompts to buy more energy or tickets to continue playing, and have to get items to progress. So I can only play windows games with emulators like Joiplay, and Winlator. Some might say that it is a childish reason to live, but I seriously dont know what I would do if I couldn't cling to a fictional world with cute boys.

After hearing what you are going through, I think you are the strong one. Being harassed so much can't be easy to deal with.

It's good to have an escape, and I hope the game progress goes well. Even though I don't really like mean yanderes I'll try to play the second volume of Yandere Heaven. (: The advocate sounds really kind. And I am really glad that you had someone help you try to communicate your feelings to the government. It isn't right that the Government can take as much time as they want to reply to you. Ignoring you won't make things any better. 

I tend to ignore the world around me when I use a coping mechanism like reading, writing, or gaming to forget something, so I understand.

I really love this song! The rhythm is so upbeat, and the lyrics are so deep. It is like the speaker is singing directly to me. I have it on repeat right now, in fact. A song that really relates to me, and mirrors how I feel is this:

(If the link doesn't work it's called 'Hello, How Are You' by Lizz Robinett. She does a great cover of the song.)

If the day does come where I am happy, it will be because of you. Thank you for being an amazing friend!

I hope that you continue this game!

Okay...but, one day, Pikefish needs love! <3

Pikefish route, please?

It's okay, I know that stuff happens, and you have your own life to live. I am just happy that you did that for me.

This time, if it doesn't work, I'll just wait for the next update of Winlator to see if that one works better. There is already a beta 5.1 version, but, since it is still being tested, I haven't tried it yet. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort! ^_^

I Iove rhyming! That's why I enjoy writing poems. I'm so happy to meet someone who loves poems as much as I do. You're welcome! To try so hard to help someone like me, you are very sweet indeed. 

I think that I can relate to that feeling; I have become so distant from all of my relatives that I don't think any of them know me. They probably see me as withdrawn and standoffish. I've gotten used to our lack of interaction though; I think sometimes it is better to be alone, so no one can hurt you...but some things are unavoidable, and I am grateful that they took me in, but we simply don't get along.

That is a truly evil thing to do to someone. One of my cousins has anxiety disorder, and is partially blind, so she struggles with these things as well. Some people didn't want to give her disability benefits, like a disability check because she's working, so they say that she doesn't need it. Things got better for her, and I hope that they do for you as well. And trying to push you out of your comfort zone is disgusting; just as you can only communicate through writing, I could only ever work at home, because of my extreme fear of being outside. If someone forced me to work in a company, or anywhere outside my home, I would lose my mind. Please hang in there a bit longer, okay?

Goodness! They sound like either the most corrupt humans alive or my middle school bullies. They likely know how their words and actions affect you, and they just don't care. It is beyond unfair, but, sadly, I have learned that is how many people are.

Listen, I am 32 years old, and I have never had a real job before, while you have. You have your dad, while the only relative that ever loved me is dead. If I haven't given up, you shouldn't either. Don't let those assholes make you feel depressed, or take away your happiness. You made me feel a small joy that I haven't felt in years, so I really want you to be happy. Please stay strong.

Take your time. I know how it feels to be so mentally drained that you don't want to do anything.

Same. I really hope that things get better for you.

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You did an amazing job on this demo, and I love the improved artwork. I am looking forward to seeing the full game, and anymore updates in between it. Keep up the great work!

Um, I don't want to bother you anymore, but when I played the game, it crashed when Sapphie woke up in the jail cell. I experimented with the game files a bit, and when I took the resources.resource file out the game played until the end, but had  no bgm, sound effects, or voice acting. I think you may need to take out all audio except for male Snowe's voice, including the bgm, and Sapphie's and the narrator's voice lines. 

 It's okay if you have other things to do right now; just take your time, and do what you need to do. Oh, and I wrote a poem for you on quotev. I'll give you the link to it now:

Yeah...I can't even use the excuse that I don't have enough time. It's just that I don't know what to do with the images except use them for a game, and sprites need different expressions, and poses, and it is really hard to change some things when you redo the sprite, but make the rest stay the same; and, I really cannot draw below the neck well, so I'll just keep drawing just for fun. But, I understand not wanting to dedicate time to something if it doesn't feel like you will improve. That's why I stopped drawing for awhile years ago.

I'm someone who does practically everything on my own, so I envy you. However, there is a freedom in doing something alone, and knowing that you can decide everything; it feels like I have complete control over everything.

Goodness, if it even happens on computers, that really is bad.  But, at least you understand how I feel.

I can't draw animals at all, only people, so it is great that you can draw birds. Your mom is like me then; I  can look at an image of an anime character, and draw at least their head, but I NEED an image in  front of me to copy off of, because I can't draw without a reference.

It is really sweet that you looked after your grandma! It's like she helped you go outside yourself, and I feel like I need someone like that, to give me a push to go outdoors. My grandma didn't go outside too often, but she would take my cousins and me to fast food places, and to other relatives places as well. My grandma didn't forget me, or my other relatives,  but she forgot other things like where she put her keys, or if she forgot to do something like put gas in the car, little things like that. But, I am glad that she kept her memory for the most part. Yeah, my grandma was heartbroken, and it showed, but she handled all of the funeral arrangements despite it all. My grandma had a sharp tongue, and a short temper, but she was very smart, and talented, so maybe our grandmas would have gotten along well.

I am very sorry that you had to go through all of that. People can be really cruel, and it is terrible that others have to suffer because of those people. If those kids actually tried to get to know you, they would have seen how nice you are. They missed out on having a good friend, and if someone can't except you, then they don't deserve to be around you. The only "friends" I ever had was in 4th grade, and only two of them were really my friends - the other three just pitied me. And I was taken out of school in the 5th grade because of bullying - being put in headlocks, spat on, just because I was the nice, quiet girl who didn't fit in. So, I get it, people can be awful, but I'm glad that they can't hurt you anymore.

It is really great that you made a new friend, and especially one that understands what you are going through. I met a guy who lived in the same apartment as me and my mom when I was living with her, and we would talk sometimes, but when my mom got sent to the hospital, I moved in with my relatives, and never saw him again. It was a nice experience, however.

I have made other online friends, but we either argued or drifted apart. Talking to you has made me very happy though, so I don't need anything else.

Twine is cool, and easy to use if you just want to write a story. You need to know how to code a bit if you want to add choices or images though.

All of that is what I have to go through with my cousin, my other cousin, and her kids. Except instead of putting dishes in a washing bowl, they just put them directly in the sink with food in it, so it clogs up the sink. Since one of my cousins pay rent in the apartment we live in, she says that she doesn't have to clean anything but her room and bathroom, and one of her kids are 11, and the other is nine, so they only have to clean their room too. So the kitchen gets dirty really fast, and I am really the only one who cleans it.'s pretty tough.

I hate living in a country where how much money you have, and what you do for work defines you. I'm almost jealous of people living in other countries, because they are free of that judgement.

My mom was really lucky to get a job as a teacher because she likes to teach, but I understand that   not everyone can be that lucky. Your dad sounds like a great person, and his job shouldn't define him.

This is unfortunately the world that we live in, where if you drop out of highschool, or live with your parents passed a  certain age, society looks down on you. Just because you aren't giving money to the government like a good little citizen.

Just so that those who are higher on the corporate ladder can take the little money you do have.

It is disgusting how people view those without a job like dirt, and yet they praise those who do work. When my mom died, none of my relatives thought that her assets should go to me, since I wasn't 'responsible enough' to accept them, so I know how you feel.

If I didn't have you, I would still think that I didn't have worth, so I am really grateful to you.

Sometimes it seems like the world will stay the same until the day I die. All I can do is hope that it will get better someday, so that I can live without prejudice or fear.

Fun fact: when I was writing this on my tiny phone, I accidentally clicked 'post' before I was done. XD I hate touchscreens and tiny keyboards, you can make many mistakes when typing, and misclick too. >.<

I feel so bad for Milo. Poor boy even suffered in the perfect love ending. I did like the "Beyond The Walls" ending, and I think that it is the tamest ending in the game.

Pre-Milo is still my favorite version in the game, but Manipulation Milo is very charming, and handsome, wereas Pre-Milo is sweet, and cute.

l have my own alternative ending to the game in my mind, where Perfect Ending Milo is happy, so I have found some comfort in that.

All in all, it was an interesting game. Keep up the great work on your future games as well!

Try using the joiplay app to play it:

At least you tried to learn at school. I drew some really bad drawings on deviantart when I was younger, and then stopped drawing until a few years ago, so that's why I'm so bad at it. All of those artists were so nice to help you with your games! Oh, by the way, I actually got maneki mushi's game Blank to work by setting the screen size to 440 x 280. It wasn't frozen...I just couldn't see the rest of the text box or the text, so I thought that the game wasn't playing anymore. Yeah...I'm really dumb.

But, I digress. Even if you use assets, and only edit them, I'm sure that you can draw well if you try again. Trust me, it takes time and patience to pick up the skill again - a LOT of patience - but, it's worth it in the end.

Oh, about me drawing well, I had to use free AI images in the game I made you, and I did not edit them at all, so you still put more work into the assets that you used than me. XD

Even when someone compliments my writing, I can see the mistakes that I made, so I do understand what you mean.

I am so sorry that you lost your grandma. My own grandma passed away from the Coronavirus, and had dementia, so I know how much that hurts. My mom passing on before her could not have been easy for her, but she was a strong woman, and she is in a better place now.

I'm not surprised that you have friends, because you are really nice! Anyone would want to be friends with you.

I found an an online game maker called Twine that makes interactive games, and that's good enough for now. If Kocho could be viewed by more people that would be great...but, I won't use it right now, because of the limitation of only being playable in the Kocho app.

I could already have a pc, but my cousin wanted one month of internet, so I gave the money my mom had sent to me to her. But, it doesn't matter now. I'll try to just be happy with what I have now.

Is your brother my cousin in disguise? She keeps eating in her room, and bringing all of the dishes to the kitchen, puts them in the sink, and walks away. And I have to do them, because she won't. We have seperate days to clean, but she will leave half of the kitchen dirty, so that I have to clean it the next day. It's a nightmare! >.<

That reminds me of a phone that my mom gave me years ago. That is so nostalgic. I used to read so many stories online, because I couldn't do anything else on it. But, it was still fun.

I already did something though, heehee~ And I do need to do something for you, because those who help others deserve to have good things, and you have helped me so much. :)

Making that game for you made me happy, and playing your games make me happy too. I think that as long as you are alive, I'll be happy.

Are we twins or something? Because I'm the same as you, unemployed and viewing myself as garbage because of it. And when you have others comfirming that you are nothing, because you don't work, it's even worse.

But, your words make me so happy. You should know that you are a really great person, and if I can keep talking to you, then I'm fine with being alive. 

Wow, that must have taken a lot of time and effort to do! What did I do to deserve an amazing friend like you? *hugs* I will let you know if it still doesn't work, but I don't think there should be anymore problems now.

It's not as great as what you did, but I made a game for you. I uploaded it to, and after downloading it, all you have to do is open the html file with an html viewer. This is a game made with Twine, so if it doesn't work, I can make it run in the browser. 

The only issue is that won't show the images when I view it on the browser, but you can still play it.

So, let me know if you can't play it, or if the images still don't show. Oh, and you have to keep the images in the folder, so that they can show up in the game.

That's all the instruction I can give you, because I'm new to Twine, so I don't know much about it yet.

I hope that you can play it without any trouble, and I hope that you enjoy it!

Here is the link to the game:

That's okay, just stay safe and have fun with your friend. Your health is more important than anything.

Ooh, that is a good idea! Taking out feminine Snowe's voice lines as well should definitely help. I don't usually date girls in games, so it's fine.

Take as long as you need to reply and enjoy your day and rest of the week.

Sorry to leave another message already, but I tried to run the game just now, and after I chose the masculine voice, it started loading the game again, and crashed. Yeah...I might need a separate version of the game after all. So sorry for all of the trouble.

I'll definitely let you know if I can't play it; the new Winlator update boasts "improved performance" but, I'm not sure if that means it can run bigger games.

You make such beautiful artwork, and write so well. I know from experience how hard it is to draw, and I can't even color it in like you do. Plus, I can only draw the head and neck of a person, because anatomy is really hard for me to do. And, though writing is pretty much the only thing I'm good at, I really admire your script because it is SO well written. Even your early game, Solipsism Reigns has really great writing and artwork. Especially the sprites - they are SO cute! And I think that the fact that it's personal makes it even more special: like I get to know more about you through this game.

I know, the creator of Winlator is a genius. Snowe and other game characters are enough for me; I don't need anyone else. I understand how you feel, because now that my mom has passed away, I didn't have anyone else who I'm close to, or really love. I know that sounds horrible, but I really don't get along well with my other relatives; still, you are very nice to talk to, so I guess your the only person I get along with, or interact with.

I really wish that I could make RPGmaker games. I would prefer a visual novel maker that can make games that are more compatible with other devices. Sadly, I fear many people can't run Kocho games.

I am so sorry that you have to go through that. My own cousin talks about how I don't clean up when I do, just because her kids leave clothes and toys lying around, and won't pick them up. I can clean the whole kitchen, feed her animals, and clean up ther mess, but she will say that because I don't have a job, I'm not trying to do anything for myself. Ugh. Really, I should just leave, and go to a shelter.

Uh...rant over. But, thank you so much!

Thank you very much! I was wondering what I would do if I still couldn't play it. You are seriously too kind. I would make a game for you if I could to thank you...but, I have another idea, since you can't use Kocho. You don't have a phone, right? But, my gift is a secret. Teehee~

I hope things get even better for you. And I'll try to cheer my depressed self up for you. I am so sorry for the late reply. I haven't touched my phone for probably all of yesterday, and I dont remember what I did Sunday, cause my brain is a bit scrambled right now. I kind of felt a bit worthless for a while, but you made me feel better. I can never thank you enough.

Omg, thank you SO much! I was really enjoying it until it crashed. You are a very skilled writer and an amazing artist, so, even without the rest of Snowe's lines the game is magnificent! I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. It was so worth it to play it even though it took like 25 minutes for the game to start up. I don't care though, because Snowe makes me feel like I matter, and I really love him. 

I do understand using a program that not everyone can use easily, though. I can't use Ren'py, or Unity, because I only have a phone, but I found an app called Kocho, and it is so easy to make games with it, that even I can do it. The problem is, you can only play games made with Kocho ON the Kocho app, so it is pretty limiting.

It's okay, I'm fine with deleting this version of the game, because I can't play it, anyway, and updating it without deleting it would add too much additional space for my phone.

The people around you can influence your mood, so things have been...rough to say the least, but this game is like a late Christmas gift, so I feel better knowing that I will be able to play it.

I hope that you are enjoying the new year, and I hope that everyone is as kind to you as you are to me!

Excuse me, when will this be available for download?

When I tell Snowe that I like his horns, a loading screen come up, then the game crashes. I am assuming there is a lot of content and all of that data made Winlator crash. Do you think you can fix it? Possibly separate some scenes into smaller parts, with more loading screens between? I'm going crazy - I NEED to play this game! It's so therapeutic!

Sooo excited! I missed Dulce so much! Please bring my baby back!

I don't see the prompt to continue to episode 11.2. I tried pressing "d" and loading from episode 10, but nothing worked.

It's okay - I know that life can be draining. Take a break whenever you need to.

My arms are weak, too, but that's because I'm really thin, and don't exercise, so it's my own fault.

It did hurt, and it bled a lot. We don't have a first aid kit, and no money to go to a hospital, so I had to wrap my arm in a towel until it stopped bleeding. We did have rubbing alcohol, just no bandages or cotton swabs, so I used a wash cloth to disinfect the areas. 

I don't know about nerve damage, but if I try to tie an apron behind my back or something, my arm starts to hurt, and I have to stop moving it for a moment. That only happened once though, because I didn't do it again. Gonna go to the hospital when I can. 

You wrote a character so well that you fell in love with him. That is a sign of a good writer. :)

My cousin never leaves me alone about getting a job. She says that I should work at a bookstore or a library since I like books, but I still have to talk to people, and I am really bad at math, so handling money would be difficult for me. I feel so bad though, that I am thinking about trying to find an online job, or maybe write a book, but...that's a whole other problem. Tight deadlines, overcoming writer's block...I don't think I can do it.

The only ones that I have around me are my cousins, and they contribute to my anxiety, so I can't go out with them. I don't mind opening windows if it's not too cold, though. That's enough for me.

 My main issue is paranoia over what people might think of me, and a deep fear of interacting with others. After being bullied in middle school, and living with relatives that constantly fight, argue, criticize me  and put me down, I'd rather not deal with the stress of dealing with others. The thought of it is terrifying, and thinking about how exhausted I would feel afterwards just takes away any motivation that I have.

It's okay to work on projects in your own time , and it's actually better if you take your time, so that you can be in the best mindset/headspace to complete it. That's fine, lots of games have partial voice acting; I just feel bad for the voice actor, and I'm sending love and kisses~ Whoa, eight gigabyte? All together to download it, and extract it, it would be over 16 gigabyte. And, even if it's a bit smaller, I would need to do a system reset to delete some files if it's not at least 4 GB to download and extract, making  it 8 GB in total. I can't even play Genshin Impact because it's 16 gigabyte to download the data. XD

I see. I have to ask, without spoiling anything, is there a happy ending for everyone, including the player?

As long as the extracted file size doesn't exceed 7 or 8 gigabyte, I guess I'll be okay. I think Solipsism Reigns was 4 gigabyte...and I was still able to keep 2 GB of space. The issue is...there are too many preinstalled apps taking up space on my phone, but I don't want to try rooting my phone, cause I could break it. I reaaaally like Darling Duality, so I am willing to delete whatever I have to, to get it. The issue is if Winlator will play it. Will there be any long loading scenes in the game?

You're welcome. Your games help me escape my life for awhile. Especially Bitter/Sweet Blythe. If I had Orange Blythe in real life, I wouldn't need anyone else. That being said, I can distinguish reality from fiction, so I don't get too lost in fantasy; even so, sometimes it's nice to be pampered by a fictional guy. I am NEVER deleting this game. :D

I'll do my best to enjoy Christmas, and I hope you do the same. \(^O^)/