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When I find Shailene and she turn on that machine to "make me bigger and stroger" I can't get out of there after she turns on the machine, anythyng I try to get out works, and if I press sapce again she just repeat the process, the last saving spot is not working and I still don't know how to get the train pass in this new demo (but that's problably because I'm bad at games and not a bug). Nonetheless is a good game and I can't wait for the full version, the visuals, story and mechanics are interesting.

Wow I never imagined that dating death might be fun (and yep as a demissexual I kinda understand that feeling that everything is about sex nowdays)

Who don't want to date Mona Lisa in a post apocalyptic world? it's hard to believe that all the art concept was made in 48 hours, really beautiful, alas is short but one can't have everything

Yeah, a 'try again' button at the end, I mean, I also missed more aspects of sleep paralysis, like hearing voices, seeing monters, demons (whatever people call what they see), hallucinations, or even more things to explore in the dream itself with that 'key creature' doing something else than just make the player choose the key, like showing something or saing something, 'cause you see, I used to have sleep paralysis frequently, ofentenly after a pretty bad nigthmare (i'm not a native speaker and maybe my english is not that good).

I wasn't expecting any of that, but it was hilarious and i was needing a bit of fun today

It's a fun game, but I wish it was longer and I missed a 'try again' button

Really cute, the song, the characters and the MC imagination. Melusine looks like a creative and energetic child, can't wait to see how she'll do to keep her promise to the cute Unicorn baby.

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The music in the intro doesn't fit really well in the atmosphere of the game, but it's just a detail, it's not that intuitive that you need to keep pressing left mouse to ascend (in my opinion at least) and  the end at the florest feels a bit incomplete whithout an endinig scene and you keep looking at the screen like "it's over?".

But it's a good game trough, short but, I really felt the history, this style of story telling worked well on the game.

It's a nice game, but it's too short

Please tell me there's more than one endining

Great visuals, nice music and funny puzzles, I really enjoyed.