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Gabi this game was so fun! It reminded me a lot of the Lilo and Stich sandwich stacker game, that I used to play as a kid. It was pretty addicting seeing just how far I could stack the objects. My one complaint would be though that I wished the objects would spawn further up as my stack got bigger rather than them starting towards the bottom with every stack. Overall though solid game!

I grew up playing a lot of point and click adventure flash games as a kid, so this game really hit my nostalgia button as I was playing it. It was a bit confusing what I had to do sometimes, but that also goes with any game of this sort. Direction for the player is essential, but also can't be hand-holding which makes it tricky to allow for players to experience the game in the way you want them too. Overall though I had a lot of fun playing this game!

Arjun this was such a great way of using the assets, that seemed really out of place, suddenly in a place that fits them perfectly. It's a super creative solution towards making such strange assets feel at place and this game does that very well. I would say that the sounds are a bit too loud, but it does also feel very good to type in this game.

Jordan I feel this game was such a creative use of the assets! I really liked at the beginning where it takes the apartment mapping and creates it into a reality, it just felt so satisfying and a great way to incorporate the assets. I would say though because the WASD moved both the camera and the fish, it was at times really confusing to know where I was moving as the player.

This was such a cool use of the assets, putting them all together like this into a museum. It was a lot of fun just like seeing all the assets as they should be used and looking at them like "ohh that's how they were meant to me used" because for a lot of my project, I felt like I was throwing in whatever assets just looked fun. Very creative idea, it felt like I was at like the MET for a Ripley's Believe it or Not. I don't have too much critique because if anything it's more of an interactive experience than a game, but it was fun seeing the execution!

The idea behind this game was so creative! It gives me old flash games vibes playing games like this and was super fun to play! I would say though that the game is a little hard to get the hang of, but once you get it down it's a lot of fun to play.

Super interesting game Arjun! I really like the visual art of this game and the shadowing of the objects looks really beautiful. One thing I would say about the game though is while the shaders are super pretty here, it also confused me at times, because the shading of the models would also confuse me of my position relative to them making movement feel off a bit at times. Other than that solid prototype!

Wow this is such a cool concept for a Non-Human POV! It's interesting how you chose more of a choose your own adventure style narrative game rather than an atmospheric game to showcase the non-human POV, but I think it works pretty well! I do wish there were a few more choices to extend the length of the game a bit, but overall, super solid!

Wow what a cool game! It's very beautiful, I think the color schemes and the art of this game are incredible and are very pleasing to look at. The models and colors really set the tone your trying to create for this game and it works together perfectly. I would say though that the controls were a little strange and oftentimes I did have to clip through terrain in order to turn around, and also I wish the forest was bigger! Just even like different scalings to the trees to create a much more clouded forest would have done wonders for selling the environment of the game a little more, because it did feel a little bad with how small the playspace actually was compared to the rest of the scene.

This game is such an interesting concept on the jam. I really like the use of other senses to visualize placement, as it's not something that we as humans do. It definitely went a long way in helping my brain take on the perspective of another non-human being, and did so very well. I would say though that having more specific controls identified and understanding how to use them would have helped a lot, because I had some trouble figuring out how to actually eat things.

This one was really fun to play. The vibes of the game are so relaxing almost like a game you'd play on Wii Sports Resort or WiiFit. It was also a fun twist on the fishing genre with the game playing out more like a claw machine game than a fishing game. One thing I would say though was that it was difficult to actually pinpoint where to place the hook for the fish to connect, but that could also just be that I'm terrible at games lol.

Wow this concept is such an interesting twist on the virtual pet genre! I find it so interesting that the player is in the position of the pet as opposed to being the pet owner. The button clicks and intractability of the mouse cursor felt really good in this game, but also the mood buttons did confuse me a bit, because the changes felt fairly subtle compared to the other buttons.

This is such a cool game! I love the music, it reminds me of back when I would play Chao Garden back on my GameCube! It's really cute and fun to play this game, but one thing that did confuse me was it seemed like the only resources I had available to me were water and petting, so it seemed like the game was guiding me in a direction to evolve a specific cherub, but it did feel quite odd just not being able to feed them.

I actually had a lot of fun with the game Luke. It gives me like old Newground flash games type vibe, so it was actually pretty nostalgic to play a game like this. I do wish there was slightly more interactions I could do, but overall really fun!

I think that this prototype you made is amazing Ethan! I find it so cool that you the player are creating the sandbox world for your pet to play in. It all feels really good to play too, it kind of makes you feel like your playing God which is a super interesting take on a virtual pet game. I do however wish that there was a little more interaction with the hermit crab but otherwise solid game!

This game is so sick Arjun. It's such a good trippy game and so interesting how this game can be made to look so beautiful just from some triangles and some shaders. Overall a great experience, although some clarity on controls may have been nice as often times I was so caught up looking at the triangles and swarms of colors that it was confusing to understand what I was supposed to do next.

Alekai, I think that the concept behind this game is awesome as a one button game. Creating these different conversations out of timed dialogue options feels so cool almost as if time was slowed down in-between the conversation in your head to create the perfect conversation. Overall super solid, one thing I would say is using a font would have done a lot for this game! The art looks really good, but combined with Unity's default font make's the font look out of place to the rest of the art.

This game actually reminds me a lot of the cooking in Genshin Impact. It's lowkey addicting trying to create the perfect carrot over and over again. I would say a bigger of variety in foods would have done this game wonders and constantly keep me guessing on when the best time to each food would have been.

I love how simple this concept is, yet how effective it is at making an intuitive game. It's super elegant in what it attempts to accomplished and I was pretty impressed with the concept as a whole. One concern I would say is it's also pretty easy to score without playing. I got 4108 hitting the space bar twice within the match.

Super impressive concept for a one button game! Shifting through the different schemes of color started to get super difficult once I found my way through a few colors! It's hard but like in the good way, where it makes far runs feel super rewarding. One suggestion I would have is more often than not I felt like I wasn't making contact with the platforms or just barely missing contact. Idk any concrete ways to fix it, but might be worth looking into.

Nice game Euris! I think that the art really sells the vibes of this game and does a great job at nailing the tone of a coffee shop employee there for minimum wage. I would say though I wish the actual game lasted a bit longer so my scores were able to vary a bit more!

Nice clone Luke! I really like the re-conceptualized version of the game in a 3D space with models instead of sprites. The particles were a nice touch aswell. My only gripe would be that I feel the shooting cooldown feels a bit too long, as a few times I would shoot after the previous bullet had already disappeared and nothing would fire. Other than that, solid clone!

This clone looks amazing Jordan!! You did a great job with the art in this game; I love the way the trees slowly grow in size as they get closer to the player. That definitely adds a layer of depth that feels really good to play. If I were to give a critique though, I would say it was confusing for me to tell where the bullets were coming from while I was shooting. Sometimes it would shoot from the middle of the bike, but sometimes it would should from the sides of the bike. I get this is probably the way you made the bullets curve, but sometimes my bullets would curve a lot from the softest keypress of slightly steering. Overall though, very gamer

Impressive clone Arjun! This clone does a great job at replicating the feel of the original. I also really enjoyed the particle effects you created when you successfully kill an enemy, very nice touch. The only thing that I would say could use some tuning are the trees. I like the way the trees pop in your face as you come closer to them, but the tree's width seemingly doubles out of nowhere because of it and can sometimes appear jarring. I think increasing the frequency of trees can also help because it feels like I'm not having to weave through the trees as much as I should.

Wow, this clone feels almost identical to the feel of the original game, so hats off to you for that. It definitely feels great to play. The only thing that I would say is that because of how many speeds you can accelerate throughout the game, it does feel like the ramp up time is a little slower that it feels like it should be, but I'm probably sure if you made that many speeds in the first place this feel is intentional.

This is a great clone Gen! It definitely feels faithful in its art to the original clone, and I really like the way the ai moves similarly to the game, especially the helicopter. Although, I would have to agree with other comments about the speed of the player feeling too slow. And while having the player be a little slower could be fine on it's own, the steering feels very fast in contrast to the speed of the bike making it feel a bit jarring to control.

Overall though, I thought it was a solid clone and had a lot of fun playing it!

You can get into the garden either by going through the back in the top left of the garden, or by disrupting something in front of the gardener and getting him to open the gate.

it should be compatible with windows