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Played this game awhile back and went with Zel and really liked it! Keep up the good work! :)

Hey! I am sorry if it's written somewhere and I just didn't see it,but how long is the demo? Like how many hours,or,I guess, *days*?

AAHH! This is,by far,my favourite visual novel ever. ^^ And keep in mind,I've yet to complete the entire game,having done only one of the routes.The thing that caught my eye was definitely the story,it's a really cool,and I also like the art style.Haven't seen anything like it before,so I like it a lot.All in all,a good game.

P.s. Reksa is bae. :3

My favourite character was definitely Waltz,followed by Rod! I usually like one character from the start and continue with his route,thinking it'd be the best,but this game is one of the few that actually made me feel interested in all of the characters' backstories,simply because all of them were unique in their own way.Great job! :)

Congrats on the game,you've done an amazing job! :)