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Man, "Ugly" appears like negative, I don't deserve to live.

OMG!! Man, I loved it!! It looks fantastic, I'll post this on my Twitter page so everyone can see it and play the prototype. Thank you for your preference! :D

Hi! It can be easily slipt with Tiled. If you use Unity, you can export to it with TiledToUnity. There are tons of tuts about this topic in Youtube. I hope it helps.

Thank you! Yes you can, as long as you give the proper credit. Inside the pack you will find a .txt file where this is explained in more detail.

Obrigadoo! Sim, você pode, contanto que você dê o devido crédito. Dentro do pacote, você encontrará um arquivo .txt, onde isso será explicado com mais detalhes.

Thank you! Glad you like it