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The game is still in development. However, there's a closed beta that is exclusive to certain patrons in their Patreon

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, I will not be continuing the development of this game, for reasons I mentioned in the description. However, I will continue making games like these and on other genres.

In fact, I'm currently developing something similar to this game...

Well, if you have Steam gift cards in your country, you can use them to purchase Bonds, another game developed by this studio. With this, I guess, you can support the development of this game.

The game is, I guess, getting monthly updates in the closed beta, which is only available for certain patrons in their patreon.

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I'm loving this game so far. Hope to see it when it fully realeses. 

Just a quick note: I noticed that you can purchase skills for any of your party members. I love this mechanic, but I didn't know about it until I finished the demo. 

Is there a tutorial about it that I skipped, or is just something the player has to find by its own merits? I wish it was the former, so newer players could experience this mechanic.

Yes, please!

Decade Jam community · Created a new topic Updatable Games

Is it viable to make a single game, and then updating it for the next 10 years?

I loved this game! It may be one of my favorite games of all time. But, as a (future) designer, the thing that I loved the most is the versatility on the difficulty, as in how hard do you want the game to be.

Starting with the Difficulty Settings in the Options menu, that allows to change certain aspects like Enemy Damage, Enemy Attack Frequency and Puzzle Times, which allows this game to be as easy as you want to be in case you're not good at these games. This means accessibility for everyone, which is something many games need these days.

Then, due to its Action and precising nature, it doesn't limit you with grinding and Level Requirements. You can (almost) beat the entire game without having the required equipment or level; it warns you, but it doesn't stop you from doing it. I remember fighting like two or three bosses with under-level equipment; it was hard, but it was doable.

Great Game Design right there. Cheers!

Thanks. I actually don't know how to make music nor I have a music program; neither had a team for this, so music was out of the plans, sadly.

Thanks for the reply! I was sure that I fixed those bugs before uploading; guess I was wrong, then. I tough that the shape of the Reflectors (triangles/mirrors) was enough to indicate the player what their function was; also I made sure to put instructions on the title screen and the download page so they know what they're going to do; guess that didn't work either.

Thanks for the feedback! I actually expanded the level layouts before uploading the project so that the reaction time may get higher. Guess it didn't work out in the end.