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I think with some more level variety this could evolve into a nice platformer.

Happy to see where it went from early on.  I'd suggest tossing that "Shift to toggle fullscreen" on the menu screen.  I didn't see it here because I wasn't looking for it, so I did not run the game in full screen.

Fun as always.  Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed the scanning concept.  I couldn't find all of the things to scan, but this was a very cool idea.

Pretty cool game.

Very cool use of AI.  It seemed to struggle a bit with the nonsensical nature of my story, but I adapted and ultimately created a fun narrative that I'm very happy with.

Aside from 1 spot in the game I found the platforming pretty fun.  Nice twist at the end, and if it weren't for the one jump that is incredibly frustrating to make I'd of probably tried for the other ending.

Cool idea and good music, but definitely not for me.  Platforming is solid, but the flashing neon lights and darkness left me with a headache.  Physically, I simply could not continue making attempts to finish the levels.

I think the assist modes are a good addition.  I struggled incredibly with the "z+movement" mechanic.

Ah, ok.  Thanks!

Exceptional experience.

I didn't realize this was going to be as short as expected.  Great choice on the music and sound!

Cool water physics!  I wish the water would travel a bit faster though.

The Abandoned hospital with Silke.

I seem to have become stuck somewhere near the end, but overall this was a really well written Visual Novel with some rather entertaining moments.  Excellent art and writing, and the mini games were a great addition.

Awesome core gameplay.  Definitely looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Cool experience.  I ran into a weird bug in the demo where an enemy was under the floor yet still able to hurt me.  I couldn't really fight back, and thus I died. 

The crafting system is the main thing that stands out.  I only fiddled a little with it, enough to get the general idea.  It feels like that ought to be the focus of the game to be honest.  Really promising prototype!

I typically really enjoy all of the games I play from you, but I didn't quite get into this one.  I'm just not into hiding to be honest.  Still, looks cool and I hope it appeals to many, as you certainly deserve a massive audience.

Good artwork and music, and the writing is good as well.  I do wish there were more choices to be made, as there were so many opportunities for them.

Tried the new update out, found a bug or two as well.  It looks great, and the new improved music is awesome as well.

Just wanted to leave a comment here as well to say I had a good time with it.  Great music selection, art is really suited for this style of game, and very fun swinging mechanics.

Of the many games you've made up until now, I think this is one of the most deserving of a fully fleshed out title.  The swinging mechanics are pretty good, and it seems like you ought to be able to make a pretty solid title that revolves around that mechanic.  
Placed #3 on the leaderboard, and I'm happy with that.  Excellent as always!

Solid experience.  Bad Toys 3D is definitely one of those FPS games that I don't think a lot of people even remember.  The whole Windows 3.1 scene was a weird one, so I think it is understandable.

This is a great spiritual successor.

Loved it :)

Way too much reliance on jump scares that aren't very scary.  The assets look good, but the way everything is hobbled together it doesn't feel like there's a cohesive narrative.

Hey, I really enjoyed this demo!  I think the difficulty is a bit tough, and I do wish we could possibly adjust what spells we have moving into each room.. I get why we don't, but it'd be a cool option.
An option to refresh chests so we have different spell options would be great.
I keep trying to drag spells to the hotbar even if that's not how it works.

Due to the low health and limited health pick-ups it feels as if you are meant to fail consistently.  Much of the attacks are melee focused without a real way to stun/push-back well enough to keep you out of the danger zone.  I consistently felt pretty powerless and walking into a room with multiple enemies I think I mentally gave up before even making my first move.

Overall I had a great time with it though, and definitely say keep up the good work.  I think the combat system is pretty good once you really get the hang of it.

Very cool experience.  Captured 2 crashes in the video :)

Pretty cool experience.  I didn't really experience any bugs, aside from clipping through some of the terrain and objects.  I think the combat system could use a bit of work.  It feels really odd to have a miss when the hit says it was perfect.

Surprised at the lack of Snakes or alligators, but it was a good time.

Loved the vibe of the demo, although I absolutely could not figure out what I was supposed to do for the puzzle at the end of the 2nd level.

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It's apparently going to take some 5 hours for Youtube to process my video so I'll come back later when it's done.. But, I just wanted to say this is one of the best platformers I've played in years.  Fun combat, great level design, and a whimsical story.  Art wise too!  It feels like it would have fit in alongside Sonic and Ristar on my shelf of Genesis games, and I absolutely love games that were part of the Genesis library.  

I hope more people find this and give it a chance, as it's a really great game.  Thanks for this, it's been a great start to 2024!

Video has published: 

Very short, but the puzzles were easy to figure out and the art style is quite nice.

I will forever be a fan of every game you make.  

Loved the western theme, the writing, and gameplay

Amazing experience.  Top-notch writing, great environment, easy to pick up gameplay, and just a great time.

Pretty cool.  the demo maps are really small, but it feels promising.

I'm surprised this isn't far more popular.  Quite fun experience.  Boss Battles are a bit frustrating, I ended up cheesing through the first one.  Otherwise I had quite a bit of fun.

I have no idea what was in the forest ultimately, but huge kudos to how well you implemented the visuals.

Really wholesome and enjoyable platformer.  

Fun demo, I made a video with some feedback about things I think would be an improvement.  I liked the art style, it's very appealing in its minimalistic way.