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I watched AsWhalerGamer play and decided to come and try it out as well.  Really fun.  I think having to manually sort through the cells slowed down my typing, but it was certainly fun.  I really just rushed to the words that sent me to the next floor, as after running through one of the 16 floor modes it seemed like the thing to do.  Still, as someone who loves a good spreadsheet this was a fun game to play!

My controller started to give up on me towards the end of playing an hour, so I'm not sure if I found everything or not in the prologue.

I enjoyed the story, and the intro was good.  I don't know if eventually you unlock an air dash - but that'd be a cool upgrade.  I didn't actually get to use the upgrade because I think I only had one of the required shards once and died before making it back to a save spot.

Really, really beautiful art and great soundtrack.  I liked the writing, and the way characters talked to each other.  I saw a few minor grammar issues here and there, but nothing major.

Combat was a standout, and was a lot of fun.  It definitely became even better once I unlocked the dash.  I had a good time with it.  

Keep doing what you're doing, you've really got a fun FPS here.  It reminds me of Wolfenstein 3D and Chex Quest.  I like how story rich it is, and I wish I hadn't gotten lost in level 2(I figured out where to go after I stopped recording).  I also didn't have time to play more, but I can at least show people what you've done so far.

I made it to 1,285.  No bugs that I experienced.  The music is nice, as well as the sound effects.  I'm not clear on what I'm doing though.  Collecting the orbs seems to create new orbs - some of which are defense, some attack, both of which seem to die on contact.  I know you're working on it still, but I saw it and wanted to jump in and try it out.

But - from what I can tell... It's about getting the highest score you can, with level-up options at certain intervals(will you be making a display to show progress on that?).  Currently feels like a survivors-game/hungry shark/Spore cell stage.

Really enjoyed the vibe of the castle!  The combat is finely tuned, at least once I figured out the lock-on mechanic.  I didn't understand the blood flasks until I took 4 hits(played on easy 'cause I'm not great at souls-likes), but I thought it was pretty cool.  

Feels like a really cool world and a nice showcase of level design and combat creation skills!  Great experience!

Thanks!  Beautiful OST, and heck your music alone is amazing!

Great pixel art, incredible music.  Aphrodite was a cool boss, and it'd be cool to see this battle in a more fleshed out version of the game if it is ever made.  Nightmare kicked my butt, those flaming skulls just keep coming.  

Yes!  The signs are perfect.  They fit in well, and instantly noticeable!

The magitorium/gym, and the game room are the primary culprits.  I think it was also called the resting room?  I'd have to go back into the stream to look or jump back into the game to be sure.  I think adding a sign would be of great help.

Verloren starts around 22 minutes-ish.

I was really confused by the start of the game.  I thought I was Helen.  Then I thought I was the Captain.  Then it turned out I wasn't either of those.  The way it is presented makes the jump to you playing as the kid, Sriracha was her name, somewhat jarring.  I almost wonder if it'd make more sense to not know there was a baby stolen.  It's just strange playing as a character that doesn't know as much about their story arc as we do.

The school is really, really big.  I like that we have the teleportation system to get around, but some of the rooms don't necessarily have a distinct enough feeling to set them apart from other rooms. I think for the gym it might make more sense if we started closer to it?  Teleporting into the Gym room but not seeing a gym was slightly confusing.

I did not go into the bathroom, but I was certainly tempted to choose that room since it was the first thing I saw.

Combat was entertaining, and having the ability to increase/decrease the random encounters is fantastic.  I felt the tutorials for combat were well explained, and I don't think I was ever lost in it.

The writing is well done, and I liked the banter that occurred between all of the students.  I also think adding in the sparkles to help point out the items you can take or interact with is a very helpful idea.  

I don't know much about card games or gambling so I can't speak on how authentic those were, but from what I could tell the slot machine and Blackjack seemed to be pretty legit.  

I've played a fair amount of RPG Maker games, so graphically it looks similar.  I do think you've done a good job in placing items and decorations around the area to help it look lived in and not cluttered.  

I really liked the presentation of the game, the graphics are great and it felt pretty intuitive to move around.  I did feel like the train wreck might need to be moved over to the left a bit, as it feels like I should be able to continue north here.

I'm not a huge card battler, and I may have been somewhat out of my league for the way combat worked here.  I didn't see much of a point in crafting things since they appeared to be one use items.  I did only craft the dagger/knife, so I'm not sure if that is accurate.

I found it odd that I couldn't perhaps use my fist/kick during combat, as getting into combat meant I would lose several items each time.  It didn't look like I could avoid combat, so it felt like it was inevitable that I'd lose everything no matter what.  

Overall I think it's a really cool concept, but personally find the short-lived nature of the items we find to be a bit too short.  It's hard to have motivation to push forward when I have to make a decision on eating or saving the food to use as an attack item, and water, etc.  

9 Dayz is in the first part of the VOD:

Yeah, the audio is a bit louder than all of the other music in the game.  Really great work, and it's a great non-traditional horror game that I hope gets a lot of attention!

Beautiful art work, and a well written story.  I quite enjoyed this!  I think the music that plays roughly in the middle of the game comes off a little too high in comparison to the rest of the music that plays, and some additional sound effects for the pages being ripped out of the book, more drips, and various other parts that emphasize that you're hearing a sound would be cool!

I wasn't able to test this out with multiplayer, but the single player seemed pretty solid.

I'm not sure what all of the power-ups do.  The cans give you energy, but I wasn't sure if I really needed energy.  I had no idea what the wheels do, I thought maybe repairs?  But, after being hit by several cars and taking no damage I guess that isn't the case.  The shoes give me a speed boost and I understood that.

There is a lot of clutter in the levels, which I think is fine if the camera zooms out a bit.. But it definitely made it difficult to feel like I was reaching any considerable speed.

I think the art is really good, and reminds me of Zombies Ate Our Neighbors.  Lots of detail in the environments and subtle touches on the chairs!  The music is also a good pick.  

I did have some issues with my controller not registering for selecting characters, and a few menu selection choices.  Cool concept!  I used to have chair races in a warehouse, so this is certainly a real thing that people would do.

I really enjoyed it.  I put 30 minutes in, and there's certainly more content that I did not see.  It has a very satisfying card battler feel to it, something similar to Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon.

The highlight for me is certainly the pixel art, everything from the enemies to the background are crafted so well that it really makes it stand out.  It would be cool to see more animations from the various characters on screen.  The hero/main character doesn't really have much going on.  

I didn't quite catch on to how the cards stacked immediately, but once I did I was able to make use of it pretty well.  It would be nice if the cards popped up a bit more when we hovered over them so they don't have to be selected to read exactly what they do.  But, overall really fun experience.

I did find at least one secret in a wall, purely by accident.  I will have to look for them a bit more to try and find them.  Once I know what to look for I'll probably notice them more.  There is usually so much going on that I don't tend to check walls or the ground after surviving an onslaught of enemies, but I'll have to do that now!

I think it's a super cool concept.  Tetris, Frogger(minus a weird bug where you go off the play area), Space Invaders, and Pac-Man were really well done.  I think you've done a really good job recreating the games.  It sounds like the music and some sound effects are from the original games.  I could be wrong, but it definitely sounded like it.

Really cool recreations, and each title is pretty darn impressive.

Visual Novels are tough ones for me to play and review.  I like a lot of options with my visual novel so I feel like more of a participant in the story instead of feeling like I'm reading a story.  I think the writing is good, and the character artwork is equally good.  I didn't play a lot of this because I just wasn't getting into the storyline.  I feel like there could have been more choices mixed in to keep you engaged.

I did test out the skip buttons to make sure it all worked well, and no problems there.

I died pretty quick because of my experience with the door.  I did choose to end my playthrough at this point because that ending was perfectly fitting to me.  The storyline didn't quite resonate with me, and the non fluid movement was not something I liked.

I think graphically the character portraits are stand-out good, and convey emotion really well.  The writing was good, even if the story didn't really hook me.

I think the TP combat system is pretty interesting.  I have mixed feelings about the way you level up your skills.  I think it's done relatively well, but trying to find the right mix of keeping TP high and buying skill upgrades started to feel tedious early on.  I guess part of me wants a way to rest and replenish my health and TP all at once, even if it costs me to do so.  

The art, level design, and music are all great!

Levelling up, and the hook platforming bits were the best parts.  I wasn't particularly fond of the character, and found them to be a bit offputting.  The tone and writing just makes it come off pretty negatively and made it difficult for me to connect with the main character.  I also found it a little difficult at first to figure out where I was supposed to go as I went back to the previous stages a few time by accident.

I stopped right around the level with tons of spikes and the mushroom enemy.  One hit kill mechanics and punishing results from a missed jump rapidly sap out the fun and that was the breaking point for me.  The level design in general feels like a lot of jumping around on random platforms and I think it could be tweaked a bit to give a bit more overall direction.

I did enjoy the enemy design and their animations when injured.  

I've always been thoroughly impressed with each time I play Commander Tiberius Troubleson.  Beautiful artwork, fast-paced combat with space magic!  I didn't luck out and find the doggo, but I did massively spawn the bears to assist me quite often.  Great work as always, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  I think the main character is a strong choice, and interesting as well.  The combat gameplay loop was pretty interesting once it got going, but I'm not sure of the lasting power considering if you don't craft the right things you might find yourself in a difficult position.

I had trouble finding the potion shop because it has no icon on the sign!  It was odd having signs on other buildings but not here.  

Overall though I think the writing is well done and the foraging/crafting was pretty cool as well.  I do think the foraging would be a bit better if it seemed more like you were taking things from the environment.  As it is now it feels like it's an extra drop after killing enemies or entering a new area.

It took a bit before I really understood what the cards did.  There's not much replay value after completing one debate.  I played through a few, but win or lose didn't seem to have any real importance.

Seems like a fun concept though.

Really unique tower defense!  I had a pretty good time with killing things with the oven, which was my tower of choice.  Initially I didn't know the power-ups were things I could collect and thought they were enemies, and then I realized I didn't take any damage from enemies which was kind've weird.

Definitely a fun concept!

I dug the graphics and the animations.  The music was also really good.  Gameplay wise it felt like a tech demo, and very early in progress.  I'm still not sure what the ending really was meant to convey, but I definitely enjoyed it.

I'm not crazy good at Tower Defense games, so I died a lot.  I liked the robots, especially the spider robot.  Even on easy I found that it didn't take much to get overwhelmed.  I think it's because for at least the first 2 levels you aren't able to afford any upgrades which would otherwise help you out.

I think it'd be a good idea to remove the initial placement of the sand bags and allow us to choose the spot we put them.  

Overall it was pretty fun, and I thought giving your troops the ability to get in the house was pretty cool.

This was a very weird experience and I have no idea what it was about.  There's not much feedback on the enemies, so I wasn't sure if I was causing any damage to them at all.  I never figured out what it was I was supposed to do, and the vibrant color choices really left me a bit disoriented.

I think there could be an improvement on music because it feels like it is very short and followed by quick repeats.

Really dug the design of the castle, especially the lighting through the stained glass windows.  

Fun short experience.  Does it matter if you never eat the bad flesh?  I'm not even 100% sure of what the bad flesh was.  The flesh with red on it?  Because those are the insects?  So many questions!  But fun time!

I'll be streaming tomorrow, September 5, from 9 am PST to 12 PM - and possibly from 1 PM to 4 PM.

I plan on covering:

  1. SyS KillMirror
  2. Deterrence
  3. Fantasy Paths
  4. Crazy Kitchen
  5. Debawar - Prototype
  6. Ruphand: An Apothecary's Adventure


  1. Commander Tiberius Troubleson
  2. Docile Cry
  3. Turn By Turn Villain
  4. WTC: Love's Labour's Lost
  5. Emerald Wasp
  6. Back to the Arcade

I plan on 30 minutes per game, but some may be shorter if I run through them quickly.  I am playing them in submission order for the most part, as I intend on playing each game.

I ran this in an emulator so there were potential limitations.  I didn't have sound, but I'm not sure if that's because there is no sound or if the emulator didn't have it.

The menu screen is pretty cool.  The game graphically for the most part is pretty simplistic and probably wouldn't be very taxing on a phone.  I liked the glass explosions and the clouds moving in the background.  I'm not sure if the leaderboard works, but I did try it with the emulator.  

I think if you added an option to go back through levels to try and beat your move/time score for that level it would add some replay value.

I think the ships look great, I really dig the designs of the unique ones.  I know that some are just a recolor, but overall they looked individually unique.  I did feel like all of the ships I flew felt about the same, possibly a bit slower or faster than others.

I played through the Demo, Campaign, Rebel Ops, and Hel's Fighters.

Demo - I played a bit of this and was killed, but I wanted to check out the other modes.

Rebel Ops - I enjoyed this mode and the story telling.  Combat was fun.  I do think the areas themselves feel very identical, so despite moving to a new room it feels like I'm really in the same room.

Hel's Fighters - The training battle was ok, but when I think of an Arena I'm really thinking about a Free For All match - which this isn't.  And it's fine that isn't, but that's what came to mind and I couldn't quite shake.  The boss fight, that I did not enjoy at all.  The boss never has to stop firing, and the second you stop damaging it the shields are restored.  I found it made this specific fight overall just not fun to do, and I ultimately didn't try it to completion.

Campaign - It carried over from the last time I tried it in July, and I realized why I didn't finish it in the past.  I simply couldn't really figure out where I was supposed to go.

Thanks for being there for the stream!  Twitch Integration was really cool!  Really fun gameplay loop, great artwork - the animals are so cute!  The story is told very well, and it keeps you engaged.  I want to know more!

I think it might be beneficial to make it a bit more obvious that you can purchase upgrades via the Owl.  I was talking to everyone, but I almost forgot to and would have missed out on that.  The other suggestion I had was more grass for the grasslands, make the enemy attacks(the red line/cone) a bit brighter/more red or something similar, mini-bosses possibly a different color/pattern to help set them apart as a mini boss and not just a larger version of the enemies.

I enjoyed classic mode, but the Campaign mode of choosing the levels I'd progress in was my favorite way to play the game!  I'll recut a video for Youtube and feature it on my channel as well.

Your daughter's sound effects were spot-on and absolutely adorable.

Overall it was a blast to play and the game looks and plays great!

The Stream:

For the devs that have paid titles, and demos on and Steam - which location has the demo you want feedback on?

I had an absolute blast playing this.  Great pixel art, great music, ridiculously entertaining abilities and you can even pet the dog.  Thoroughly impressed.

Combat is a bit rough, but the atmosphere is some of the best horror I've seen from an indie dev.  I quite enjoyed it.  I did receive a free key from the developer through keymailer, but it's well worth the purchase.

It took me awhile to come and play this, but I didn't forget.  Just took me a while.  As always, it was a blast!

That was a fun experience.  I'm just glad the cat didn't get on the sub with me.  I'd of been sad for the cat.

I tried it today, and it was a fun experience.  Some level variety would really help!  It feels like you're doing a lot of the same for each one since most of the gameplay takes place in this very small area of the map for each level.