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super nice nice

samee, never did a snow atom land here but i used to play this way back and its nice getting the memories back!

no, there are no better games on this platform.

not boring easy and not hard, beautiful.

This game is so damn well made, I really love the style and the simple graphics, very cool.

what.. who.. where.. who am i.. what

last comment was a year ago lol also i love the game

Thanks for informing me, starting this game looked a little confusing to me but I got used to it easily, after knowing what to do this game is actually one of the most unique ones out there, loved it.

I've been addicted to this game since its launch, probably because of the timing where I met it, it was a very cool experience.

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hey this game is actually good, the problem is that when you press X the right hand moves, I think most people are using X and C rather than Z and X.


its finally here, the sequel of the og game boys!!

 nice to see people still playing PICO-8, welcome.