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i'm glad you enjoyed it!

попробуйте прописать "spawnitem rifle-mag"

мне жаль разочаровывать вас, но работа перешла на другой проект. НО! возможно в будущем что нибудь выйдет.

спасибо! рад, что вам понравилась игра.

I think I used the command "nextmap" in the console. 

Yes, the host gets the compass, just like in the first game. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the feedback!

You could try port forwarding, but if you're not keen on sharing your IP address then try out Hamachi.

with the plank, press E on the bridge gap

Beat the game recently.

I am quite impressed with the amount of detail and effort put into this project and I am happy to say that I've enjoyed the game from start to finish.

I quite like most of the things at display, like the level design, ideas, guns, models and details etc... Some levels kept me on edge and the atmosphere was really gripping at certain moments, I got spooked silly quite a few times throughout my playthrough. But there are issues.

At times the atmosphere would really bump up the tension, but it would escalate into pretty anticlimactic reveals. *spoilers*  The atmosphere in the sewer level, for instance, was incredible. The first few minutes I was exploring the area - I was hooked and on the edge of my seat. But once I finally encountered the enemy, the level was ruined. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. 

The story is really weird. Some things make well sense and others, not so much. Characters just so happen to be in the most random locations and their actions sometimes don't make sense at all. There's a moment in the sewers where a pipe falls in-between Albin and Isaac. It's a very easy obstacle to either climb over or duck under, yet Albin says he can't pass through?? The pacing is quite strange as well.

The variety in weapons is great and they all feel good to shoot (or swing), but they take waay too long to reload. At times it felt like Isaac was an elderly man trying his hardest not to drop shotgun shells while loading them into a gun.

The level design was mostly tame and fairly easy to orient around, but there are moments where I had no clue where to go or what to do. There's one segment where you have to search for gas and it was, honestly, terrible. I think my game bugged and it spawned only 3 out of 5 gas cans, which forced me to cheat and load the next level.

The enemies are cool to battle and the variety is quite wide, but the enemies who are armed and dangerous are as accurate as stupid. They fire pin-point accurate bullets at really far distances. They also don't know what to do when the player crouches, which looks ridiculously hilarious. There's a whole platoon of highly trained dangerous special forces who have a whole roster of equipment and weaponry, but once you crouch they can't hit you even if they really tried. At odd moments they could hit me when I was crouching, but most of the time the technique worked.

The platforming sections were quite intense and kept me on edge, but it felt really annoying whenever I slid off a platform by accident and had to load a far-back save in order to do it all over again.

Some models have a decent amount of detail when others look strangely un-detailed. I don't know what hell it was with the characters, but they looked really strange.

There are a lot of things taken from Cry of Fear and other games, which is to be expected and it's not really a bad thing.

Nothing bad to be said about the soundtrack, I really liked it.

Even though I just listed off the flaws in the project, I can live by them and accept this game for what it is. The team is fairly small and seemingly comprised of people who just create stuff for the heck of it and I respect that. You've all banded together to create this cool, but flawed, project. I'd surely recommend anyone to try this thing out and give it a chance.


Perhaps, I'll see what I can do.

hi, you'll have to unzip the files onto a place you're comfortable with in your computer. if you need help then i suggest searching it up on youtube :)

when you're done with that, you can turn the game on by opening "Scarecrow COOP 2.exe" in the folder

yeah, you're on the right path there, but unfortunately Photon PUN 2 (the api i use for networking) doesn't necessarily allow for LAN hosted games out of the box

quote from a forum i found : "PUN does not support hosting the game within some client. You always need a dedicated Photon Server for the clients to connect to. There are various pros for this approach and some cons, of course. It's simply the way Photon works."

Your tiktok truly blew up the game hahaha, the amount of people that jumped to the game is so much that the servers cannot handle it

There's been a large influx of players trying to play the game, therefore the servers cannot handle the huge amount of people joining and creating rooms. I'm very sorry, but unfortunately the only way to be able to play with your friends at this time is to wait a while and try again later.

currently the only strategy possible is to try to run away, sometimes enemies stumble and slow down when you run by trees. I'm trying to come up with ways to truly avoid enemies for the next update.

that's understandable, thank you for the feedback and for playing!

I will, eventually. Thanks for playing! :)

try turning the game on again

thanks for playing! im glad you liked it

Thanks, cool video! :)

Yes! Check file "readme" to learn how to play together with a friend : )

Noted, thank you for the feedback.

Thanks for playing! Watching this was quite hilarious, keep up the good work!