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Oh yes, tissues... I needed a lot of those after the game. I cried for all of them, Fritz twice. 

I got all the bad endings first then went back and got all the good endings because my heart was crushed

Fritz route was so messed up, like there was a lot of death in Waltz route, but fRITZ’S ROUTE UGHHHH Even the good ending was sad. \(;´□`)/ And Rods bad ending heisbsjdksb It was my first route, so it was also my first bad ending, and I was so shocked when he died that I laugh-cried. (;*△*;) 

I got this game from Steam and its wonderful. I really recommend people try this if you haven't already. This is probably the best Visual Novel I have played in a long time, even tho I cried and lost my shit. It is also free which is epic because the art is amazing, the muisc is fun and the characters are to die for. I have payed more for less, this game is just amazing. I played the recommended order and it escalated very quickly. Walts, Frits(and V), and possibly Karma are all my top beans, but I still love Rumple.*SPOILER*-- Rod is good too but he is the step-brother so it's sorta weird to me but he is a fun character and his route was interesting. ALSO........ Fritz needs his own route. like Fritz and V need a route each. During the Fritz route we see more of Varg, so obviously I loved the as*hat, but no matter what we don't get Varg and we dont geth the time with Fritz. 'Twas sad Also I am proud of myself for getting all the achievments. It's not a big deal but shhhhh let me have this. 

I love the characters sooo much. I can't wait for chapter 2!! Also is there a settings section to change screensize, text speed or other things like that?

I just went to my library, selected Ebon Light and it shows at the bottom how many hours I've played.  It might be something in settings but Idk for sure. I have the app if that helps :/

I found out today the has a feature that lets you know how many hours you have played a single game and I seem to have spent 67 hours from the past few days playing this game lmao. i adore the LI's so much and the story is so much fun. Thank you so much for this amazing game!! Laceaga's character is also super fun lol.