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Are physical copies still available?

Is this meant to be only a single page, page 12? I opened it both in Preview and in Acrobat and I still see only 1 page.

I downloaded all the files on a Mac running MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 and a Windows laptop running Windows 10 just now. All the files open fine in Adobe Acrobat Reader on both platforms. They also open fine using Skim 1.6.17 and the built-in Preview app on the Mac and with Sumatra PDF on Windows. 

No problem! I've had problems posting myself when I thought I made the PDF visible but it wasn't.

So. . .is there a PDF? It's not publically visible on the game's page.

PDF? Or is it just the PNG thumbnail?

Thanks for the response! Checking through my archives it looks like I *did* download this when it was available and jumped the gun with my comment. Sorry!

Will this ever be posted?

As a contributor to this project, I'm so happy to see it on!

Came here from your blog to grab the PDF . . . but it's not here yet?

Is there a pdf?

Is there a download for this?

Is there a download for this?

Nevermind. I am an idiot.

This is pretty cool, but it would be more useful as a downloadable PDF rather than an embedded web page.

I dig this. Also, I'm the guy who left a sequel suggestion on your reddit thread.

This is simply one of the best solo game engines, period.

I'm adding this to my zine list!

thanks! itch is so much better than OneBookShelf for various reasons . . .

This. This is the Goon Jam we have all been waiting for.