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Привет. Не хочу показаться грубым, но ты точно туда выложил этот контент?

Well, I'll try


Зачем ты меня в ВК заблокировал? Надо связаться

When i create new world...

And one more bug. When I throw a tree, it is not wasted in inventory. Nor can I lift what I threw

I found another bug. If you first open the crafting menu, then without closing it, open the pause, and then close the craft menu, then close the pause menu, then I can not control the camera. Well, and not all animal names are still visible

When i load my game, i spawn in the  sky. Is it normal?

Well, I will wait. It looks very interesting and beautiful.

Good idea, but it would be nice to see the game, though half empty, and not just a page with text

It's cool game, but we need a mode without energy

It's a cool game. But when i restart game, i respawn in top left corner and i cannot move. When i reload page, i can again play only one time.

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I'ts a very good game!!! Please, create more levels

Спасибо за отзыв. Я отправил тебе заявку, т. к. у тебя ЛС закрыты. 


It's a really cool game

После провала уровня всё равно перекидывает на следующий

It's a really good game


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I have this problem too

А есть версия на ПК?

Interesting. But few features. Add, for example, not a cube, but something else.