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Thank you very much, actually the walk sound was even in our assets folder in unity but we were rushing at the end and the priority was fixing bugs (f. e. 30 minutes to deadline we found mistakes in the maze that would prevent the player from finishing the game... :D :D ). So if we had more time, more sounds would be the first thing we would add.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, that happend to me too... and I built that maze... :D :D :D We wanted to add a visual hint for the last piece of cheese but we didn't have enough time :)

Interesting game :D A bit morbid but absolutely hilarious :D :D :D :D I had to try all the scenarios just for your funny comments in the end :D Also very bizzare experience when you realise what the people are "googling" sometimes :D :D 

Cute graphics :-D Funny idea

Thank you! It was my first time drawing digital art so that means a lot to me!

Thank you!

Lovely game! :D How many black cats live in this small village?! A lot of fun to play despite killing probably all of my relatives and being pooped on many times :D :D 

Ahh! A trip to my childhood, the interface is very deja vu :D I love it!

Nice one! I died so many times... :D

Wow, absolutely genial! I had so much fun playing this! 

Nice visuals :-)

Beautiful visuals! Good job. :D