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Hi there, game version updated to 1.2.1. If you have still problem, send the log file to

Thank you for your interest! But unfortunately we didn't reach enough community. The future of the game is currently uncertain. Follow us on Patreon to stay up to date with news.

Please report your problem here with more details, including log.

Hello there. Version 1.01 is out now.
If you encounter any problem, please report it here with more details.

Hi mindbrand69, does your device supports WEBM?

Glad you like it, Jaden Demon Butterfl!

You're welcome! Also I removed this requirement in version 1.1

Hi, I'm not currently receiving requests but maybe in the future.

Hi Arcsharp,

Make sure your PC has HEVC extensions and turn on.

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Thanks for your feedback! I'll fix the problem in next version.

Glad to hear that, PanteraDebian ♥