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please bare my children.


This game makes me think about how when I am older my mother would probably be so excited to know I am going to call her or I am coming over. It hurts a lot cause I know not everyone can be there as long as you want them to. I hope my mother could stick with me for a while before times up. I am happy I am still really young and have so much time with her right now. Thank you for making this game.

thank you, i love you.

Thank you so much, that is all I can say.

Thank you so much, love ! I appreciate it^^

So I made this character named Bunny. I was inspired by the song "Hey Bunny" by Bowie Bugs that came out recently. I haven't come up with a back story yet but you all seem so nice, I just wanted to share^^

This game made me think how happy I am to have those tiny objects to keep me from forgetting about my loved ones I lost when I was young. I really enjoyed the art style and the story a LOT. It was so cute and I honestly feel like this has lifted up my spirits a bit. I am now going to probably take one of those little objects of memories that I have and stare at it for a while. Thank you.

awe.. well i have insta: vix.chr lmao

lmao, i read the whole thread xD pls if u guy's have discord i need it-