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It is indeed the beaded vibrator! Thank you so much!!!

And here I am again, back to ask for help XD. Man, this is probably one of the hardest and awesomest BL game I've ever played. Anyone know how to get Toru's very last scene replay (the one after Haato's blowjob)? I assume it's based on a CG but I've already unlocked all the CG's for Toru's route. The only possible scene replay I could think of is the one in the shower or the fan meet? Do I need to do something special in those two events?

I got the first two!!!  Off to redo his route with him being totally dominant top.

Thank you so much :D. You're awesome!

Hi, I usually want to figure these kinds of things on my own but I really can't seem to get these pics in Toru's chibi gallery. I've done his route three times and tried to be a dominant top and submissive bottom. Do I need special toys for these?

Any help would be appreciated!

Oh, this has such great potential! I haven't seen a BL or even a hetero VN game as complex as this. The art is fantastic  and the 'mini-games' and events are so creative.

I'm definitely going to buy it as soon the full game is released! I hope that the game is released by June 2018 but don't neglect your health, developer-san!

Thank you so much for starting this wonderful project and on working really hard on it!