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It for some reason has been fixed now! Sorry for not getting back to you!! I have successfully gotten the ending :D

This is the cutest game ever!! I solved it in less than 10 mins bc i played it like a year ago and was trying my best to remeber where stuff was :) Love this game !! Literally my fav game on this site <33

Of course!! I loved this game and I want it to run the best way it can so more people can enjoy it! Thank you so much for making this game!!!

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I'm on chromebook and I am not able to start the game :( I have clicked every key on my keyboard and enter many times and also clicked on the screen and I just can't seem to figure out how to start it. Seems likes a fun game and if you see this and would be able to tell me how to start it that would be great!! (I know i failed at the first/easiest part but it's 2am and my brain is not braining)

Edit : I figured it out must have been in a glitch on my end lmao

I can not get that second secret ending!! I think its broken because I keep getting ending 1/4 when I send lockheart down to the chamber and harry and ron leave when I believe from that speed run video that is how you get the second secret ending. Anyway, super cute and adorable game! I had a super fun time playing this and finding all the endings :) 

did you figure it out because im also stuck... there