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This but like. From a gameplay perspective.

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I am on my hands and knees please I am begging I need more

No but genuinely, really awesome game! Love the brother-sister dynamic, love the characters, love the mc- just genuinely, endearing game!

You open the game and click on her head and its the cutest animation I have ever seen

Hi! Forgive me for being a bit of a noob, but when I tried to download it, the zip file refuses to open as anything but an app. I can't seem to access the files??

Thank you! 

Thank you :)

I'm way too emotionally invested to quit now so I'll do my best to pull through, thank you!

The forest is scary pls help I'm going to cry 

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Holy shit how is this free I'm not even aroused anymore I'm here for the plot--

A suggestion (not actually don't feel pressured!):

Could it be possible to romance several partners (like, a polyamourous relationship)? You could have some characters be uninterested for that kind of relationship if the coding for them specifically is difficult.

Anyways great game!

I have a almost unhealthy Obsession with these characters this is unreal--

Exact same braincell lol I was so sure he was ike

Aaaaa, il regarde fabulous. 10/10

If you haven't figured it out yet- just click the barista while he's standing there

It works on browser, just not downloaded. Nevermind :)

Hi! The game is stuck right after the second scene- after we get to see hubert and V interacting. The screen fades to black, then says "Loading error. Failed to load: img/character/%24Hero.png 

Re-downloading and retrying doesn't help. I'm on Mac OS and I'm running it on the itch app- maybe that's why?

Either way, really cute so far!

Literally named him Childe, I feel you