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Please take your time! We'll wait as long as it takes for this fantastic passion project of yours!

i like the camera angles. funny little cat man

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The intro scene was awesome, really added to the game. Shame the screen goes black when you win, like others said, would've loved to see a similarly well-executed ending! Will follow the game for any updates

I liked this game a lot! It had a lot of charm to it and I really enjoyed the added content in comparison to the first one. Keep up the good work, looking forward to future games you make

Wow, just. Incredible! It's simple and to the point, the atmosphere, emotion, and progression are perfectly striking!

This game really left an impact on me! The characters were fun, and the depictions of anxiety and paranoia really hit home to me. So, the ending had all the more effect on me, it was a very lovely story!

Really awesome game!

Just... incredible. The visual storytelling blows me away. It's a game that leaves an impact on you for a while.

Wow, this is good. The mechanics felt nice, it felt unnatural at first to control two dimensions at once but it didn't take long until it felt second nature. Fun! I'm really fond of the touch of psychological horror. If I close my eyes and place myself in the character's shoes, I really am horrified.

Well done!

This was really incredible. It's amazing how the character's and their stories were built up. I found myself having an opinion on the character I wasn't seeing through that I was sure about. Then, once I replayed from the different perspective, it completely changed.  It's genuinely impressive how that was executed; this story conveys the complexity of differences in a person's personality and perspective. Both of them feel vivid.

This game made me feel hope and motivation  even despite being faced with certain desolation. I could perhaps write an essay about what it made me think and feel. This game showed me something I'll remember.

I liked this. Short 'n sweet. The pixel art was cute! And the horror elements delivered. I really liked the voice acting, it made the game a lot more captivating

nice funky lil trees. cute. thx

Really liked this short experience! The story is very intriguing and has a lot of potential to be as grusome as it is thought provoking.  I got a lot out of it even though playing it only took a few minutes. This has so much potential, I'd love to see it finished and I'll be looking out for any updates!

Simple but very engaging gameplay! 

Really cool concept, and a lot of fun! Love the art style

Cute and charming!

A very neat, short game! I like how when playing I had fun trying to maintain a good score, and yet was constantly reminded that I would eventually be caught by the unsettling atmosphere. which was on point.

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Very intriguing, I was disappointed when the demo ended! Will be looking out for the finished version of this game!