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Cool concept, stunning thumbnail, a bit difficult but a great experience!

Thanks! I ran out of time, so I added descriptions on the jam website. I’ll add them to the game once the freeze is over!

Thank you so much! Ran out of time so I couldn’t playtest thoroughly hehe.


Looks great! Gameplay was a little confusing, but I think it’s a cool concept. Congrats on the submission!

Congrats on the submission! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get past the first set of spikes haha!

Simple and fun game! Congrats on the submission! Game was way too loud, gave me a jumpscare haha!

A bit confusing, and the instructions are a bit confusing. Maybe introduce the various mechanics bit by bit so it’s easier to keep track of it. The game looks great, though!

amogus nice game engaging puzzles

Fun little game! Cool mechanic for the recovery, but you can get a bit unlucky with the pink ship respawning in the line of fire of the enemies. Congrats on the submission!

Simple idea, little glitchy, but pretty cool! Got stuck on a few levels.

Creative ways to extend a simple mechanic! Unique art style too. Try to extend the game with more creative mechanics too!

Game is great! Everything plays smoothly, gameplay is interesting. Referring to the recipes each time proved to be a little tiring, but of course, its something easy to remember and I found myself recalling from memory some of the recipes too. Great art, and a great job! Congrats!

Thanks buddy! Will give your game a try as soon as I can!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks! Yeah I'm aware of the click issue, and I'm glad you found running around with the shapes entertaining! I spent Day 2 running around for a while myself :P

Haha, I love it! Great vibe!

Thanks for your feedback! Calling this game "rough around the edges" would be an understatement 😅

I've fixed the problem now, thanks for letting me know! 

It's already public, but I did find a different error about embed size. I think it should be working now, thanks for letting me know!