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I've never seen a horror game with this art style before! Great job!

Now THIS is a game. I laughed out loud multiple times. Amazingly well done with such a simple concept!!

This was insanely unnerving, but I still wish there was more. It truly gave me a feeling that no other game has given me before. Amazing job, I'd love to see more of this!

I saw that you responded to me on YouTube but I also wanted to post this here :-) Thanks again for making the game!!

Thank you so much, that means a lot! I'd love to see more of this game or other ones like it in the future! :-)

I loved the atmosphere of this game. Found-footage style horror is a great genre. I'd love to see an expanded story of this :-)

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I really liked this game. It felt so alone and like you were being watched at the same time. I did a little playthrough/review here!

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I LOVED this game! It was so creative and the massive entities were so incredible to look at. This was wonderfully made and the translations were so fun to figure out. I was able to beat every one and made a small walkthrough/review of the game.

I had more issues understanding Cow than the others. I felt like I was doing more trial and error with it than actually understanding it; I'm not sure if I totally grasped how to use the dial. However, Cow's design was my favorite :-)

Thanks for making this awesome game, I'd love to keep playing more just like this!!

I loved how this played! It was so smooth and fun to mess around with. I'd be really excited to play a game with Enoki in it. I made a little gameplay/review video here and put some funky electronic music in the background :)

I really like the style and the atmosphere, but I am a bit confused on the controls and what I'm supposed to do. A small guide may help.

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I loved this game. My favorite types of horror are when something that is mundane or relatively uninteresting (a house tour) is turned on its head and made terrifying. Great job guys, I made a video & review here!