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Do we need to extract the files from the compressed folder?

It is possible. By giving them the right amount of waiting, it is possible to make them go impatient and crash with other AIs. Don't try though, it leads to more crashes and then the thing that will crash is game.

One more tip, if you didn't know, rail yards you can't spawn in Hinterland(There are some rail yards you need to discover) have only coaches or nothing. Basically what I'm trying to tell is that those rail yards don't have freight but still have freight engines.

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No, It's because they want you to get out of the way. If you try honking at them, they'll that they have to  get out of the way. And they have missions, just like you. and also another tip - the traffic will increase in a world the more you play on the world. the traffic level goes down to 0 when you are not in the world.

It's a very good game. Even though I have already downloaded on tab, I want to get max experience in windows. Overall, This game is recommended to download on windows if possible. Tablets are great, but desktop is cooler.