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Ehh now i have a stalker in all my posts lol

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Are you mentally ill? 

yes, the season still in progress

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of course hun

just restart the game (this season) 

it was just an update

yess plss tierra

0 chemistry, incompatible, nothing to do with each other. Strange.

If it were Zillah with Rahim, I could even understand. Cuz there is a tension between them, if the two almost didn't get into a fight, it could have worked.

But with Chris? 

I feel sorry for Rahim cuz he might have a possible romance with Chris, I will avoid seeing that as much as possible. Not even Chris is in my gang.

Zillah zillah zillah zillah zillah.......... 😍🥰 Zzzzz.... 

Me too. And my Roe it's an artist XD nothing with psychology. Roe can only have been a depressive bitch if have made psychology? :(

He's so unstable. 

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Boy Zillah just wants to use you (Roe) so he gets guilty and then doesn't take your virginity (true, my Roe is a virgin too) didn't you see he's pov?

guys, there will be no susperstition update for a long time. tierra needs a good break to take care of themselves.

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i don't like adoel and that's it. stay away from rahim, your piece of shit.

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hey, ahn..... 

and i hope i'm not sounding too desperate... i need love and affection (to zillah)



no one is gonna interrupt bradley's happy time. no one. 

yooo me too but i just wanna zillah

this fucking stupid bastard idiot asshole motherfucker–

but i wanna him so bad, so I'll give him this chance

everyone deserves a second chance (not everyone.....) 

Deixa pra começar dia 22 que tem atualização, ai já joga os 3 eps 

Me too :>

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LMAO exactly. 

Can we just be honest?

These are the requirements

If you think you can be my one and only true love

You must promise to love me

And damn it, if you fuck me over

I will rip your fucking face apart


If you can't handle a heart like mine

Don't waste your time with me

If you're not down to bleed, no, oh

If you can't handle the choking, the biting
The loving, the smothering

'Til you can't handle it no more, no more
Go home


Could you hold me through the night?

Put your lips all over my mine

Salty face when I start cryin'

Could you be my first time?

Eat me up like apple pie

Make me not wanna die

Love me rough and let me fly

Get me up, yeah, get me high

Tie me down, don't leave my side

Don't be a waste of my time

High School Sweethearts - Melanie Martinez


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Ah, fuck you, Zillah. And fuck me. I don't know what I'm felling. I LOVE THIS EPISODE LIKE AAAAAAAAH

Please don't break my heart, Zillah. I'm begging you, or if you do...   Ł'₥ ₲ø₦₦₳ ₣ʉ₵₭ł₦₲ ₭łⱡⱡ ɏøʉ. 

Olá brasileiros, me digam o que acharam desse ep, pfvr!! Eu quase morri de ansiedade esperando esse ep 2 lançar, e simplesmente amei. Mal posso esperar pro aniversário de Roe. (ok, o aniversário não era de roe KKKJJAk) 

(A alguns dias atrás eu ainda tinha ódio tremendo por Zillah, mas depois desse ep, depois que ele me fazer chorar feito um putinho e ver que ele tá tomando jeito de gente, eu dei essa chance a ele. Até então achava doente as pessoas que queriam ROMANCE com Zillah. Mas agora sinto que pode ser possível.) 


EU pensava que era o único. Em choque.