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Very cool game. I really enjoyed it!

I was trying it on my TheC64 mini and the controls are a bit weird. Stick up shoots while the fire button jumps. Is there a way to customize the controls?

Great puzzle game. Perfect for the platform. Here my post about it on Vintage is The New Old!

It is funny how the brain works. The good thing is that you offer the excellent training mode which is excellent to have the controls sorted out! I am preparing an article featuring your game today on Vintage is The New Old, btw!

I am a big fan of Lunar Lander and this version is excellent! Very nice graphics and music :)

I would make one suggestion though. The keys to activate the side rockets match the side where they are in the ship, but in my mind they are in the opposite side I want to turn my ship :) - Maybe having an option to invert that would be welcome!

Excellent game. I wish there were more CoCo3 games like this one! BTW, I posted it on

Hey AGPX, I also posted about and recorded a video yesterday for this amazing game ( It is nice to see something that are different once in a while!

I spent way too much time recording the video because I've got so hooked that I couldn't stop! This is certainly a professional-grade homebrew game for the C64. If we were in the 80s, this would be a best seller and you would be a rich man :)

This is very good. I confess the hard mode it is too hard and a bit frustrating :) Maybe my old hards can't handle that anymore 

Cool, I think that would make it more precise, since it is a very hard game to begin with :)

Hey Gaz, fun game. Very well done! 

One thing that I think you should look at is the collision between Jack's head and the ceiling/platform. Looks like it is a few pixels off and kills him without touching the energy barriers. Gets a bit frustrating

Yes, MacOS.

Any chance to provide a 64bit version. I am trying to run it on Mac (via Wine) and for Catalina only wine64 will work. Thanks!