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I broke the game lol

please fix so i can keep playing ty :D 

you should add a music toggle as well as sound on your packages.

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ez:) great game. wish it was one of the winners 

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Played the download, way harder to get on the leaderboard than I thought it would be. Super fun and addicting game if I had the time I'd totally play this for hours. Will probably do so later to get the leaderboard spot.

ok going to demolish it now. 

leaderboards are stuck on fetching D: let me know when it's fixed and I'll take the #1 ezpz

Wow thank you for all the kind words. I think almost everything you brought up is being addressed somehow in the first patch. Especially the slash spamming... whoever told you to hold the button in chat is the policeD:< but seriously I didn't find out that it's broken until like a day after and I was really hoping no one would notice before I could patch haha. You complemented all the art and dogged on the one thing I did myself!! lmao finally was waiting for someone to trash my disgustingly out of place turret launcher thingies lol. Getting those redone is still a WIP as I'm obviously not very good at pixel art. I tried to tackle the theme as combining ninjas with skeet which I agree isn't the best but I was so sold on the gameplay idea I didn't care how much it actually fit the theme. Again thank you for taking the time to play it and give great feedback. 

congrats you beat the game

not really i didn't get that far in testing and didn't catch the bug lol. it'll be fixed but for now i guess highscore means you need to combo more before the end. It'll be unlimited after the first patch 

I'll add controller support in the next update, I actually had it setup and disabled it cause I noticed a tiny bug, it's fixed now but I don't want to change anything until the jam is over. Thanks for the feedback, you won't get air combo bonuses on the ground though!

hey made a game for a game jam - it's getting some pretty good feedback and I might continue updating it. If you're interested in collabing I'm totally down. I'm going to try to find a pixel artist to partner up with and no one better than the originators themselves. But either way thanks for the awesome work!

Thank you and yeah I noticed the score bug, not the skeet getting stuck though that's interesting I'll look into it. The scoreboard was resetting but it's being persisted through a database now so that should be fixed as well. I'm going to wait till after the jam to make any changes to the game itself though. I made the game with javascript which I've done a LOT of the past decade so at this point I can hack together stuff pretty quickly without an engine.  Thanks again for your positive feedback, it's extremely motivational. 

I put the controls in the description, didn't have time to add anything in the game menu sadly. Thanks for the feedback!

ping me if you get it added i'll whoop everyone

It was fun, I'd play it a lot more if it had a global leaderboard though. Good job.

Super well made. Got the highscore, I think the particles is the best way to identify them quickly 

playing tetris upside down is the mindfuck i never knew i needed.

lol good job, liked how you had to turn the gameboygirl on.

playing tetris upside down is the mindfuck i never knew i needed.

lol good job, liked how you had to turn the gameboygirl on.

Graphics are so good. Whatever aesthetic you were going for, you hit the nail in the head. Game was fun too, good job. 

awesome job, admittedly never heard of this game till now but you definitely did the demake justice.

Got stuck on one spot on the left side of the map but really enjoyed the game. I love top down shooters so was a lot of fun. 

I enjoyed it, loved the graphics. I know from experience how hard demaking this particular game is in a week haha so I appreciate all the work that you put in here. Good job. 

How do I get past the main menu on yours haha? Is my install broken? I tried pressing every key on my keyboard and clicked everywhere

Thanks man, yeah obviously we planned to have a Nom Took shop and placeable items in the house, given one more day I would have been able to get it in but there wasn't any time left sadly.