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I've been loving Tennis Ace for a while now, WOTB has done a wonderful job. But I wanted to know if there are any VNs similar to it to tide me over while I wait for the next update.

Sure, share away. My name can just be credited as Viscole. Thats the name I use on most other sites. And no website, sorry, I'm just a little college student trying new things.

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Decided to differentiate Mooki and Rooki from the Goblins by making their race a cousin of the Goblins called Imps. They will run a shop on the Mars station (Player home) while their porpoise parents are away, causing mischief and aggravating my scientist party members.  

Just ran the sample dungeon. My first time DMing something and I was shocked how simple it is to run! Even improvised NPCs and created some characters I want to keep. Fungal Star Goblin twins Mooki and Rooki are going to have to come back.