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Visar Dema

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Fantastic work, i really had a lot of fun with this game

Thank you so much

i did try your game , and all what i have to say  is Good Job , amazing good

Thank you so much .

hahah, i agree with you, Thank you very much.

Thank you so much ,i appreciate your comment. Thank you

Thank you so much

hahha, thank you so much

Nice Game, Good Job!

Thank you

Awesome game :)

Nice game, good Job :)

i tried your game , very nice

Thank you so much

i am sure is not just you , even some my friend try this game and they found hard to wall jump, thank you

Thank you so much

haha thank you, i work non stop for this small game

thank you

hi ansimuz, i made this small game , thank you for the nice assets.

nice,add jump animation if you can for the Soldier

very good, i like it. Can you please make some example level, i dont know how to use it some tiles . make some example image please.

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very nice , can you make the player run animation

Cann you split layers for the background?

thank you, really like this but I am not sure I can separate the tiles

but is it easy to separate in unity. thank you

are tiles  separate png