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Although the game is not unfinished, I thought it was really nice, loved the atmosphere and music. The artstyle is really lovely but boy the chasing events were pretty spooky.

I'm in love with your Miku's design, it's absolutely adorable!! 

This is game is really intriguing, plus the map is pretty. I can't wait to see the full game ! ^^ 

I really love this game ! I'll admit, when I saw the kind of cliche scenario at the beggining, I didn't expect much, but then ! I was really suprised, the gameplay was "fun" (especially during the black-screen puzzles, even if it's was scary, it's so intense !) and the story... I really liked it, but that was sad (well that's probably just me) :(

Just, I'm wondering I think I still haven't done one ending, I just had the regular ending and a secret end, but I don't know how to get the other one ;;