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I know I haven't played ALL of them yet, but Ran really is my favorite character. I enjoy how you're not afraid to have your LI hold some animosity towards the MC even when they like her. Trash was also allowed to disagree and be irritated with the MC sometimes (Within bounds ofc you did so tastefully) I think it adds a depth of character that I don't see often. I really appreciate it!

I just beat the game was so damn good........................................that ending tho......................................................cannot wait for more, but I will patiently..................


YESSS I played this in the browser along with all your other games and man I love it to much. Such an exciting and interesting story, thank you!!

I was scrolling through Tumblr and thought Sweetchiel needs to see this.

Also your emails hype me up so much I almost want to back this game AGAIN hahha. So I'm glad there's a PayPal option for that 😍

Honestly I already love WTNC with every fiber of my being I am 100% sure I will love this too. I'm always hesistant to back kickstarters but not this one, I'm glad so many stretch goals were met. I super look forward to getting to know these new characters <3 <3 <3

Deci!!!!!!! I love and adore it thank you for your wonderful games and friggin ADORABLE boys <3

Ohh I see that makes sense, but I already play it in window mode, I like to multitask and watch youtube hahaha. That's fine though I try not to be a downer I love pretty much everything else about your game so it's all good. Also I've always wanted to reply to your emails but I keep forgetting, I love how often you update all of us and I really appreciate you being so transparent about the progress! I look forward to the full game <3 <3 <3 Though I don't know if anyone can replace the love I hold for Reksa in my heart, we'll see how the new guys do!

Everything is so good! I absolutely adore the characters especially Arya who curses like a sailor despite his petite frame lmfao. Khalil's little ears swishing back and forth gives me life and I can't wait to get to know more about him there's definitely more going on than his demeanor shows. Guntur is just my type all around I mean, tall, muscles, a genuinely good but gruff guy & idk I just adore him. I also love the beach, forest, and sinking town areas the scenery is so pretty! 

Only one complaint, things appear blurry on my screen sometimes!


The god/demon clown guy was very blurry, while the raven/crow on his shoulder was very clear! Idk if it;s a rendering thing or maybe my computer messes with the game I'll experiment with resolutions later.