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Some nice ideas in this game. I liked the graphics and physics of the dice response. Muisc was annoyingly catchy too! :)  The main thing that held me back from progressing was the time restraints. Good job.

Nice original idea that challenges both as a simple platformer and a brain teaser. More variety could be added to the running section. Otherwise great job!

Very atmospheric combination of sound and visuals . Took me a while to realise you had to keep clicking on the host to start the game proper but got there in the end. I found myself wanting more from the combat and struggled to coordinate mouse and keyboard. Has potential to be really good with some tweaks.

Some very nice graphics and animation kept me in the game for a while. Probably needs to be more of a sense of peril with the NPCs though. A pretty vast game space given gam jam time restraints, thoughI ended up on a lower level with no apparent place to go. Game has definitely got potential!!

I had fun trying to work out this game. It presents an interesting challenge and in some ways its lack of explanation makes it all the more intriguing. The behaviour of the ball seems a little inconsistent though maybe that's kind of the idea. Good stuff.

Kind of trippy but kind of fun too. I like the swinging axe mechanic and transforming into a raging bull is a blast (though soon after doing this my Mac switched over to Desktop2 - maybe an overlap of controls with those of Mac OS). Intro TV sequence works very well. Nice job.

Ah yes reminds me of popular UK tv game shows  such as Family Fortunes and Pointless. Good twist on a typical quiz game, though I kind of wanted to know what the actual correct answers were! :)

Yeah impossibly hard for me I'm afraid. Liking the concept though. Maybe include longer stretches of road between each jump and other obstacles.

I couldn't get the buzzer walls game working. The bouncing ball game was enjoyable though. Pretty simple but the physics seem pretty accurate.

Great idea which works pretty well. Though a simple idea, there's genuine tension felt in trying to stay on the rock. Good job!

I can tell a lot of work went into this game and the final product is a fun ride.  A couple of bugs such as getting stuck in a lower ground section when the screen has moved on. Otherwise, great stuff!

Hey thanks for the feedback. Agreed - a restart button would definitely improve playability.

I enjoyed playing this game a lot. The controls felt a bit slippery at first but I think I got there in the end! Well presented and nice animations. 

It's a tried and tested mechanic that's always fun. Collision detection was a bit off in places. Otherwise, good job.

Nicely packaged and presented game. Very slick. Great music and visuals too. Meets brief really well.

Great Job!

Thanks for the feedback - I think you're right to include a restart button.

Some potential for a good hack and slash. I suffered many one hit deaths!! :)

Kind of fun and nice idea. I'd be interested to see the final version.

Kind of fun and nice idea. I'd be interested to see the final version.

Thanks for the positive words and feedback. Yeah, the failed mission ending was intentional, though I can see how it may seem like a game crash.

Nicely done graphics. Really struggled with that first jump though! Not sure if there's a knack to it or just getting the timing bang on.

Draws you in with increasingly interesting graphics and a compelling story. Simple yet immersive. Nicely done.

Felt like being back in Zelda1 only at Christmas time! :)