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You're supposed to left click to restart the level when you get caught it's not frozen


I added random turns to make it harder, but yea it seems like it turned out to be a bit unfair, I can never get a good balance of difficult

Cool! Could u leave a rating plz? I have none :( 

Great art and gameplay, but the English in the textboxes could be better (don't worry, English isn't my first language either but find someone to translate on Reddit or something). Also, put a new font in instead of Arial, that font sucks for games

Thanks for playing! Just curious, did you manage to beat it?

75, fun game!

fixed it I think

hey, is this jam ranked?

The description doesn't mention whether the jam is ranked or not, does anyone know if that's the case?

I fixed that bug, now you can restart from the title screen and I also made the sweeping easier. Thanks for telling me about it

Thank you!!! Your game submission was amazing and really fun by the way!

Thank you! I may be participating in more game jams in the future, and thanks again for the advice and nice words!