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Hi, this is some great art. I am just wondering if there is an easy way to order the sprites in unity? Or will they have to be manually ordered. 

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Was also wondering is sprite sheets are available for the assets. This makes it easier to organize them in unity. Would you recommend buying them at your website or itchio. Thanks. 

The assets in this series look great. Is there plans for more assets in this series such as more bosses/enemies, more traps or more tile-sets .

I love the style of the graphics. I was wondering if you could make some other animations such as crouch, ladder climb and wall slide. Those would be perfect for a game I am making. I would be willing to pay for them. 

Hi, I just bought the pack. I was just wondering is there are plans for more animations. I would love to see the character have a shoot animation or sword swinging animation. 

How many biomes are included in this pack?