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got the void ending and threw my head thru the screen

havent started it yet but i can tell I already love it and waiting for more xD


is "your roots are rotten, your leaves cant be green" the ending screen? just making sure cuz i cant click anything

i haven't been able to think about anything but this game until I finished it X-X it's so perfect and the cliffhanger is killing me with curiosity, I had a hard time choosing which one to romance they are all written hella well! 

this is freakin adorbes man ugh i love pretzels

team maddox all the way cant wait for more :)

i know its been awhile since this game was made, but i just found it and it was the happiest click of my life. i LOVEEE rens route and even though the game isnt updated anymore, it will always be one of my faves.I hope your new project gets started again soon I'm rlly looking forward to it :D <3

cant wait for the next update omg I'm addicted

i love this game

glad i clicked that i think

i wish more games like this existed

same i still replay it just for the memories

ouch ohmygod this hurt so bad :/ but this was amazing thank you for creating this <3

i dont even like kids

this makes me feel like a sad dad

this make my pussy wet

aRe yOu sTupiD oR sOMeTHIng

hated that i related to this lol but did you ever find your purpose? or did you learn how to draw a dog?

it hurts to remember but i really liked this :)

im tired of missing people lol but this was nice

what do i do once i get the robe from daphne?

i love this game its become my new comfort

samee hes one of my faves

this is free therapy

this really portrayed what I was going through and helped me through it :) thanks for making this and for reminding me to breathe </3

wow this was just amazing i have no words im in awe

what happens if we kill the being?

np! was this story/game a one-time thing? because id like to play stuff like this that you make in the future :)

well now i just feel hopeless lol but this is great

this game is amazingg and i didn't think your piano skills were bad lol

this was beautiful omg!! <3

im already crying lol

i agree with you about the MC he really bothers me too. Even if he did wake up in a world with no memory I still don't think he should be as childish as this.

loved this

all i feel is pain