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A member registered Nov 14, 2020

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im so glad i found this, thanks to everyone for creating something interesting! :)

glad i clicked that i think

i wish more games like this existed

same i still replay it just for the memories

ouch ohmygod this hurt so bad :/ but this was amazing thank you for creating this <3

i dont even like kids

this makes me feel like a sad dad

this make my pussy wet

aRe yOu sTupiD oR sOMeTHIng

hated that i related to this lol but did you ever find your purpose? or did you learn how to draw a dog?

it hurts to remember but i really liked this :)

im tired of missing people lol but this was nice

what do i do once i get the robe from daphne?

i love this game its become my new comfort

samee hes one of my faves

this is free therapy

this really portrayed what I was going through and helped me through it :) thanks for making this and for reminding me to breathe </3

wow this was just amazing i have no words im in awe

what happens if we kill the being?

np! was this story/game a one-time thing? because id like to play stuff like this that you make in the future :)

well now i just feel hopeless lol but this is great

this game is amazingg and i didn't think your piano skills were bad lol

this was beautiful omg!! <3

im already crying lol

i agree with you about the MC he really bothers me too. Even if he did wake up in a world with no memory I still don't think he should be as childish as this.

loved this

all i feel is pain

No problem! thanks for taking the time to look into it :)

the buttons at the bottom for saving/loading etc don't work but we can save if we click the icon with 3 lines at the top of the game.

they said they were having some personal issues

omg i lovveddd this! cant wait for future updates :)

wont come out till tmrow

yeah they said its coming out tmrow

i just remember all the bad memories from last valentines day


nah i like suffering while im waiting lol

yeah lmao that would be my fave part of being a dev

i keep refreshing my page lmaoo

so we are all here waiting for the update lmao

same only a couple more days now!