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Thank you!

The candle and matches work automatically when you go down into the basement. If you don't have them both in your inventory, you end up tripping down the stairs in the dark.

Yeah, I started the jam out making lopsided sprites, but then once I got to the tiles the perfectionism started creeping back in. Next Low Effort Jam, I'll try to keep things simpler.

The ghosts damage you, but it doesn't really matter unless you manage to lose all 5 hp. Maybe after the rating period I could add a reduced hp mode.

Thanks for the feedback!

Dang, ran out of time on this one. Good job to everyone who got a submission in!

Is it okay to recolor default assets, cut and paste parts of different resources together, shift furniture tiles so they rest closer against a wall (like this), etc, as long as they're recognizably derived from the RTP? Additional examples in this thread.

I got a late start and wrist pain has been slowing me down on making art assets.

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Very well-made, fun game!

Though just to let you know, I encountered a bug while I tried pressing x next to a wall (and possibly during collision with an enemy while at low health at the same time? I'm not sure):

"runtime error
line 733: attempt to index global 'player' (a nil value)"

Nothing major, I just got unlucky and I think I was basically dead on that frame anyway.