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Looking forward to the next update, this game is very cool!

Oh shoot, didn't realize I missed that, thank you so much!

Hi there,

Love the game, super excited to run it! Quick question: How do you regain Essences once spent? When you use them do you  lose them forever  and only gain them when you spend an advance on them?

Hi there, really dig these! In the game my group is about to play, I'm using the Revenant and one of the other players is using the Summoner.

QQ about the Revenant: Is the idea that, by default, the Revenant can get out of their Astir in their own corpse? Like are they reanimated in the Astir and that covers when they're on foot, or are they stuck in it unless they take Ethereal Form? Apologies if it's a silly question!

Love the game and my group have been excitedly building our campaign up over the last few weeks!

One question that came up for us was: For dangers, i.e. risks and perils, we know they take up slots and contribute to rendering a character defenseless, but do they have any other mechanical effect?

Like, if I get the exposed peril for example, beyond taking up one of my danger slots, what effect do you imagine this has? Like, should it impose disadvantage or desperation on certain moves, or does taking up the danger slot represent a sufficient penalty, so also having it impose that would be too much?

Just want to make sure we're approaching them right, I didn't get a clear sense from the text under the Dangers section.

Hi I had another question, for comparison against NPCs and for the purpose of stuff like Fine equipment, how do you at least initially determine the Tier of PCs? It feels like some kind of soft guidance for that topic, or just an address of how you don't do that (if you don't) could be helpful!

This is really cool!

It wasn't clear to me, how do you increase your action ratings? I'm guessing it's an either/or thing with your EXP, but I don't think it's explained.

Do you have any interest or intention to add more Playbooks to this?