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Very nice game :D

Wow nice game!

lol thanks dude

Nice game!

Very nice, love the music!

Dude I absolutely love this game, the puzzles are not easy but not too hard either, the graphics look fancy!

If you work on it a bit more, you could easally release it as a full game.

Keep up the good work!

I really appreciate that you joined this game jam and tried to make a game and I think it turned out to be great, also  I love how the game looks.

Keep it up!

wow dude, you really nailed the music and the visuals I love it!! :D

The game will need some further improvements, but I love the concept (I have not seen something like this before).

Also the graphics are very sweet :D.

keep it up!

First off: Thank you for your honesty, and taking your time to try the game.

Secondly: It is our first project in the GODOT engine and we do not have much experience in it but the stairs might be an engine problem. It works for nearly everybody except 3 people we know of.... And yes, we know the movement will need a rework...

thanks again for the feedback!

If you have any ideas for us to make the game better, please let us know on discord(

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We thank you very much for taking you time and giving us feedback, if you have the time we would appreciate if you would join our discord server ( and help us solve the problem with the books.

Thank you again for the help, have a nice day!

good job with the game, it is really fun!