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beautiful game

It's difficult to say. I had some problems with gumlines, which you fixed for the most part, and the other problems I had had with them may have been due to my lack of practice. But, if you take away the effort needed to swing, you take away the magic of it! some of the movement mechanics for actually being on foot and jumping seemed to be unoptimized, but that's something that has to be confronted right away, so I bet that's already fixed or in the process. otherwise, it just keeps getting better!

I'm really sorry about not replying so long ago, this comment probably has little to no relevance, as you've either worked out these problems by now or identified them. And, hell, I haven't played the game nearly enough to evaluate it, and I'm not an expert, either.

Awesome work man!

This is great. I downloaded the game about two months ago, and loved the concept, but had a couple of frustrations. This update seems to have confronted most of them, and that's amazing! not just that these things have been dealt with, like the line reeling for the gumlines, and aim assist, but it also shows that you are working very hard to improve on this game. Keep up the great work!

thanks,but... bots recharging bots? they are too powerful and must be destroyed.

Okay so this is all useful  but after a while bots run out of battery. Is there a way to recharge them, or do you just need to make a new bot?