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It says "can play 100 cards" keyword: can.

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My game seems to be super buggy, I know this is a little later than the other comments but I just got it and I can't use my controller (admittedly it is a Switch Pro controller) and if I use the keyboard and mouse setup the game sometimes wont let me move my character at all, most of the time I can though. I also seem to cast spells from another AI wizard instead  of mine and I don't unlock any spells from it or anything, though the AI still moves its wizard on its own. Finally when I press 2 (and hold) the spell casting bubble comes up for my character but instead of the mouse the line draws based off of my characters movement on the map. And also I don't get those little bars from the gif above, I don't know if that's a glitch too or if that's just something I missed. It's basically unplayable for me, I hope that this is just something that happened to me.  I really don't want my buying of this game to be in vain, I am still super exited to play it.  EDIT - I reread the controls and I have figured out what is happening, basically right click is assigned to 2 and left click is to 1, I feel like an idiot since part of it is just me misunderstanding how the game controls, but I can't remap controls so it's still messed up.'