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Where do I find the chapter one quest. It is the 5th on the list

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How do I take off the cowbell? I really hope I don't need to restart. It literally makes my save unusable.

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Weird thing happened when I was captured by the slavers. I was wearing the veil outfit trying to get money and when I got caught the veil outfit was still on and the sleeves were still there even though my characters arms were behind their back. Also found out it is with nearly all the outfit but I don't know if it is just the veiled or all clothing. Just thought I should bring this here.

I have an idea, simply adding more lines of just things like checking in on people. Like asking them how they are doing or something.

Stats get crazy when you have everything at level 100 and have all of the effects like slimy and such. It is funny. I hope indivi has a good recovery too

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When will we be able to fish in the science lab? I just really want to and I am stopped by it not being made yet. Take your time on it though.

I just installed the new version. All of my progress passed over so I am in the good. I don't know if it will work for others though.

A really fast way to level up is using the gym with productive, lactation, and a milk pump. Simply go as much as you can with let's go with crunches (res), you then drink a lot of your own milk. Because your milk gives back 100 life or whatever it is called. Then you move one square to then get rid of the tired debuff and pump yourself. Once all of that is done, repeat.

What is the fastest way to level up? I am already level 104 in resilience and I want to get much higher but it takes too long.

Please elaborate

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Does anyone know where I can find bell? I have been looking for her for over an hour.  It is the first time she went missing. I don't know if it happens more.

I have the weird meat stuff from the deserted base on my character and it makes me unable to win any fight.  How do I remove it