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Ogga Bogga

stop and shut up

what a surprise! 

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Thats a lot of spiders!

Im made it worse

I found out just clicked the retry im on chrome let me see if i can update it?

Nope. (probably happened because i don't know how to play)

I broke it (:It froze it not responding (: 

I love this game its the best game i've played on! i like this ending but im in the middle of it so i don't know what happens and the music is the best it just slaps!!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless you creaters! (: this is the second ending i did.

My second win! (This is hard)

I think I found a BugIts stuck like that



its when you get first place idk if you know that.

I made it in this great game!!!

I will put this in my collection

Very good game but needs a pause button like KrazyKey said

I just found out how you made all the boxes to the end it was easy but idk how to get it

howdo i get golden box?!?!?!?!?!?!