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This Demo Was Fantastic AND Scary! Unfortunately this video isn't my first playthrough but i had to re record this because this game was amazing! I've Got to get my hands on the full release! GREAT JOB AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Game Has A VERY SLOW START. I was left confused about what was going on. Maybe Full game will flesh it out a bit more.

I Completely Loved How Crazy This Game Was! Crazy But... Still Scary ESPECIALLY THE LAST PART! Keep Up The Awesome Work!!

SUPER DOPE DEMO! I really enjoyed this game man! I was really getting into the story trying to piece it together then i got hit with the end and i just wanted more! Loved what you did with this game man i am looking forward to more of it! Keep Up The Awesome Work!

I wasnt going into this thinking i was gonna see mr ronald lmao! Cool Short Horror Game That I Enjoyed! Keep Up The Good Work!

Fantastic Short Horror Game! Loved the "Twist" that you threw in there i had to go back and retry the game lol! Keep up the good work!!!

YO THIS GAME IS WILD LOL! but i loved it. Also i collected all 6 posters but idk what it does or if it does anything. GREAT GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Fantastic Creepypasta Game! Really Enjoyed The Gameplay and Especially the Aesthetic and Graphics. Keep Up The Good Work!!!!

I didn't get to explore all that the game had to offer as i found the mimic pretty quickly but i LOVED THIS GAME! The whole investigation part and going to different locations was FIRE! GEMEZL YOU DID YO THANG!!! Keep Up The Amazing Work!

Cool Game I Enjoyed Doing Laundry lol and i enjoyed the story as well! Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Fantastic game! Didnt know there was multiple endings until i fucked up in the beginning lol. I got 5/7 Endings! Anyways GREAT JOB and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

SUPER CREATIVE! I enjoyed this game a lot.. though i was super confused when playin it lol. It Still Was A Fantastic Game! Keep Up The Great Work!

I Really Enjoyed This Game! Story was good as well! Keep Up The Good Work!!!

I liked this game! liked the twist and the hiding mechanic! You did a Great Job Keep Up The Great Work!

Cool Short Horror Experience! Keep Up The Great Work Niven!!!!

YO This Game IS FIRE!!! Its a short but the secrets in it makes it a little longer. This games fantastic guys keep up the awesome work!

Liked the concept. I just felt the game should've been longer. Do really like games based off of creepypastas tho. Anyways Good Job Bro Keep Up The Good Work!

THIS GAME WAS FIRE!!! short but sweet! LOVED the mechanics, it was so UNIQUE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Gameplay was nice. I enjoyed the Story a bit. Really liked how you could talk to the People walking around gave it a nice touch. Good Job and keep up the good work!

NOXUS yall did it again man... im blown away by the production on this game! I loved it! keep up the good work and i cant WAIT for your next release!

Great but short game. i loved the aesthetics of the game. The "Watchers" Looked cool as well. Great Job Bro! 

I Like The Commentary this game presents! The Graphics are super cool too and unique! Good Thought provoking game!

YO THIS GAME RIGHT HERE IS FIRE! I didnt even think i would be able to beat it but luckily i was able to and mannn!!! ITS SO FIRE! Love the music and the gameplay! Keep up the amazing work bro!

Nice Psychological horror game tho ill admit i was lost whilst playing it but anyways man good job keep up the good work

Yo I Love What You got going on here man! The Dolls are definitely creepy and a bit Terrifying. Cant Wait for chapter 2 and to be able to see more dolls! Keep up the Fantastic work!

Very Good Horror Experience. A Few Good Jumpscares Too! Keep Up The Good Work!

Yo I Really Enjoyed This Game And ALL The Endings! You Did A Great Job Bro Keep Up The Good Work!!

Cool Game I Think I Understood The Story But I'm Not Sure. I Think If The Environment Was More Interactable It Would Be A Bit Better But That's Just Me. I Still Liked It Regardless!! Keep Up The Good Work!!

Fantastic Short Mario Horror Game! I really enjoyed the music and gameplay! Keep up the great work bro!

Liked The Music In The Beginning! Pretty Basic Horror Game but I Enjoyed It! Keep Up The Good Work! 

Yo I Really Enjoyed The Story And Gameplay! The Ex In The Kitchen Was Crazy!!! Awesome Job Bro!!

Game Made Me Jump Just A Tad! But Short And Sweet Otherwise. COOL GAME BRO!!

Short and Sweet Horror Game! Not Gonna Lie Game Made Me Jump A Bit! Good Job Keep Up The Good Work!

Crazy good game! Loved the Mechanics and concept reminded me of the movie It Follows which i love!! Keep up the good Work my friend!!

M=Very Simple Ga
Very Simple Game but i really liked it! I Actually Had Fun Finding All The Endings! Keep Up The Great Work!

Interesting Game. I Kinda Understand The Story But Not Entirely. I Did Like The TV Tho. Anyways Good Job!

Cool psychological game! you did a good bro i enjoyed my time with it! Keep up The Good Work!! 

Pretty Cool Short N Sweet Horror Game! Keep Up The Good Work!!!

I Really Enjoyed The Story and Gameplay! Also Multiple Endings!! You Did A Great Job Bro!! Keep Up The Great Work!

Bro This Was AMAZING!!!! Loved The Story!! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC JOB BRO!!!