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on iteration 1 you need to jump in such a way that if the platform wasn't there you would land in the spikes.

This was pretty fun, would like to see

  •  a proper ending instead of just killing the final boss and being put back onto the empty map. Like at least just have a you win screen and then take me back to the main menu.
  • Way better difficult scaling, the monsters power scales way slower than yours so after the first few fights it becomes impossible to lose. judging by the comments many people never even got over the first few fights because they are so hard. 
  • A way to see your deck and maybe even remove cards to reduce clutter. 
  • more predictability with enemy moves like seeing what cards are in there hand, you can't really defend when given so little information.

Stun them or kill them first? or just set them on fire, even if you get stun locked they will continue taking fire damage forever. I one the 8 crabs fight just be using the set all enemies on fire card and then waiting for them to die while i was stunlocked

vertical line? unless you mean going downwards no idea what u on about, the first few fights are practically impossible and the rest are really easy

is there any way to adjust sensitivity? I can only look at the floor and the ceiling

"gloomily mortin darkmore somehow couldn't see this massive pit" 

pretty much sums up my entire playthough, great game.

how did you do the first one

I find being made artificially powerless with no explanation is just frustrating and alienating so it is hard to be immersed. just my opinion

this still gonna be a thing they said it would have a demo by april last year

if you want to get it on pc yes  but  its free on mobile 

being able to aim automatically when I put the mouse on screen. or just having a button to aim like maybe hold shift instead of right click.

no I am using a hp with chrome OS

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is there actually a way to beat the game or does it just go on forever? just want to know if i should keep trying

damn this game looks real cool but the control sceme doesn't work for me. i have to use alt-click to aim and click to shoot and i obviously can't to both at the same time, would be real nice to have some alternative control options

don't know if your still developing this but i'll give some feedback anyway.

a quite liked having a fun little platformer with this thruster based movement system  I especially liked the car level but there are some problems:

 like the invisible ceiling which is really annoying as is it often only just above were we have to go, i would recommend making it visible and moving it up a little. the level with the moving buildings it quite confusing as at first i cant tell how i line up with the buildings and being behind them makes controlling the banana from a front view on the other side of the buildings quite difficult i think you should put the banana above the road and the buildings come right up to the road if you spawned on the ground on the road as normal (with a gap in the buildings so you dont die) would make it easier to understand were you are and control the banana easier it is an espacially frustrating level when failure makes you go all the way back to the start. i think you should add some kind of life system were you start with 3 lives when you die you lose a life and restart the level so you get a few tries at any new level you reach without having to play everything again.

I hope this helps.

this game was really cool. i like how your second play through makes you see the game entirely differently as you now have to save hearts by sacrificing foots and eyes it made for fun experience good job.