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is there any way to adjust sensitivity? I can only look at the floor and the ceiling

"gloomily mortin darkmore somehow couldn't see this massive pit" 

pretty much sums up my entire playthough, great game.

how did you do the first one

I find being made artificially powerless with no explanation is just frustrating and alienating so it is hard to be immersed. just my opinion

this still gonna be a thing they said it would have a demo by april last year

if you want to get it on pc yes  but  its free on mobile 

being able to aim automatically when I put the mouse on screen. or just having a button to aim like maybe hold shift instead of right click.

no I am using a hp with chrome OS

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is there actually a way to beat the game or does it just go on forever? just want to know if i should keep trying

damn this game looks real cool but the control sceme doesn't work for me. i have to use alt-click to aim and click to shoot and i obviously can't to both at the same time, would be real nice to have some alternative control options

this game was really cool. i like how your second play through makes you see the game entirely differently as you now have to save hearts by sacrificing foots and eyes it made for fun experience good job.