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Looks great and I like the concept too. I'll have to try it out :)

Thanks! and yes it's the next thing on my todo list, I just couldn't resist putting it up as soon as I got that build done! It's been a long time coming for me haha.

Thankyou very much for the feedback!  I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for featuring my game in your video, that was great to watch! It certainly reinforces the point that I need some form of tutorial or hints for the player.

Thanks, I do agree that mine drags too much at the end, my original idea was to have it end almost immediately after the "twist" but I suppose after spending so long getting the dialogue system working I felt the need to add more to it. I should have kept it short and sweet. After watching the playthrough of yours it proves the point, I think yours is perfectly paced and I to like the different take on the same idea.


At least it fits the brief :)

That was great to watch, thankyou!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

The visual effects and sprites make for a really nice art style, everything is polished and feels complete but the menu while looking great, was a bit confusing at first, maybe the controls need to be moved away from the game setup UI elements to make that clearer. I also took a while to figure out the right moment to press to gain speed so perhaps a subtle visual or audio cue for accurate timing would be helpful? Nice to see local multiplaye to, well done.

I think I've fixed the progress halt bug now.

This was great, the tiping and gliding mechanics really made it fresh. Nice one.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the humour. I'm curious if you were getting stuck in the same part that others have mentioned or if it was at another point to?

Clearly I needed to playtest more, seems to be less rare than I thought. Thanks for checking it out anyway.

Thanks for feedback, I'm glad you like it :) I appreciate the details about the bug to, that'll really help me track it down. Please do link the video when it's ready, I'd like to check it out.

This was genuinely unexpected and made me laugh. You made a love-able character within minutes, well done.

I liked the plane tilt mechanics, while rough it make a simple task much more interesting and the theme is ridiculous which is great.

Art and music is nice and relaxing, I think the stats on the top of the UI could really do with separation between them just to make them more readable.

Thanks, glad you liked it! I would highly recommend Godot, I only had a little experience with Python before trying it and it's been an absolute pleasure, quick, logical, clean and the documentation is so helpful. I can only speak to making 2D games with it but I hear the 3D is also great. Best of all its completely open source so no fees/royalties or features locked behind a "premium" paywall.

Sadly I can't take credit for the art, as it was a free art pack. I wish I could draw like that!

Personally I'm just not big on platformers so I'm not the best judge, I probably would skip over it if it were a paid game but it's a big genre for a reason, many people like it. I think after a few more levels on top of what you have you would need to introduce a new element, either a new ability or changes to the maps (maybe moving objects, portals or bounce pads) to keep it fresh. Then repeat.

Really like the minimalist style, quite fun for how simple it is. Only improvement I can think of would be more levels as others have said. Great job.

Very slick, the look, feel and sound of it is all great. Well done to the whole team.


That's strange, I've not had that happen in any of my playthroughs so far, the starfish when done talking, should prompt your inmate to attack which is inescapable, leading to the players death and the end of the game.

Sorry that happened right at the end! but thank you for playing.