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Ha, good to hear it!

For a horror game, this hits uncomfortably real. Great story!

This is an incredible demo, and I can't wait for the full game! What a perfectly crafted horror setting, and an impressive / creative work in RPG Maker as well. I will be following for future updates.

Thank you for playing!

Ominous, with a kind of Twilight Zone backing.

This was sweet.

This is a truly stylish game!

This game is so creepy. It's like being buried alive. Excellent.

Very creepy, with great music 👍

I think the first video shared in the comments has the answer!

Never miss an opportunity to keep things clean.

Big fan of the interface. The game captures exactly what it's aiming for.

This game does such a great job of capturing what makes the original short scary. Perfect adaption!

Nostalgic. The Zoo Tycoon section got me, and some of the art is gorgeous!

Good aesthetic!

Hello! Thank you very much, I love that you've enjoyed it! I have a paypalme set up at if you'd like to donate anything, and I really do appreciate your support if you do. Thanks for letting me know your experience!

This game was incredible. I'm enjoying going through and seeing different endings. I love the characters.

Thank you! I like the idea of doing something with D4 after this, I am tempted.

There's some beautiful artwork in here.

Thank you! I appreciate that.

Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed contributing to this. The finished art looks great! The mix of styles shows what you can do with a "simple" art program like Paint.

I've been meaning to play this for a while and I'm glad I did! The art has the perfect creepy vibe, and the character / creature designs are great!

I got this on Steam and I've really enjoyed it so far! I love the choice for the art style, and you've definitely captured the Junji Ito vibe while still doing something that feels new and unique. I'm going to spend some time going through and getting the other endings. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to play for Halloween.

I hope this comes out! Promising demo.

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The demo was great! I'll be wishlisting the full game on steam and getting it soon.

Nice! And the music is great!

"You are full of empty rooms. I can go inside you."... there's some beautiful imagery in this.

Very nice! Aether was my favourite, followed by Mojave.

Ha! I like how this managed to be genuinely fucked up (in a fun way) and also damn sweet at the end. Very nice.

Beautiful artwork!

The art is beautiful and the atmosphere is very creepy, but I found the puzzles so pixel perfect it gets frustrating. With both the ladders in the arcade section and the channels in the lock picking, half the time it wouldn't let me move forward. Even when angled perfectly centre to the channel, it wouldn't accept it (it needed to be slightly to the right). It's a shame. They were cool ideas for puzzles and I liked the game overall, but it got to me after a while!

This game manages to be creepy and tense without getting frustrating at any point. Love the art as well!

Love the mood.

Ah, I enjoyed this a lot. What a good way to convey the main character's mental state.

This is a cool concept!

Tooth horror is an underrated area.

Love that feeling of corrupt nostalgia this story has.

Oh that is 👌 just excellent.

Nice! I like the world you've created here.

What a pretty window into a frightening world.