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This is a real good one!

I loved playing this! The character work here was strong, and the mix of heartfelt and horrifying worked well for this kind of story. I'm a big fan of Midnight Scenes, will look forward to the eventual next chapter!

This was a creepy short!

A great range of art from cute, to pretty, to creepy. That cover art is so striking!

Thank you for playing!

Great zine, no notes!
Seriously, the content is very varied and it's all fantastic. Covers a lot of different types of horror, as well.

Some very cute and interesting art in here!

This is a cute idea!

Cute collection of artworks!

Just read through this. #5 is a real papercut of a poem.  #10, #11, and #20 are also highlights that made me pause.

Very pretty!

Love the look of this. It's a worthy tribute.

Hope you enjoy them! :D

Thank you for playing!


Lots of great creepy moments in here! Big fan of the gritty nature horror of both The Death Tree and The Mushroom Master - very uneasy descriptions there - as well as the twists piling up in The Baptism of Eliza Haggler. Good stuff!

Enjoyable game, but it's a shame that it cuts off where it does.

Great uncomfortable short narrative!

I played on Steam, but I figured I'd copy my review over here, as well!

This is a really logical idea (animated retro comic), but I can't think of anything else that's pulled it off with this kind of dedication to style. Maybe not for people with weak stomachs, but a fantastic choice for anyone able to appreciate horror media in all its gory glory. Stylistically, very nicely handled, with great art that evokes the exact era and genre it's aiming for. The story was pitched snugly in the middle of clever psychological horror that builds its themes right until the end, and classic seedy splatter throwback. The creators could definitely tell a lot of different stories in this same style, so I'll be paying attention for more in the future!

Which version of Windows are you on? Win11 has had some reported problems with RPG Maker games, which will hopefully be temporary. It sounds like it's struggling to load, but I'm not sure what the issue is. I would suggest redownloading and seeing if it sorts itself out.

Sorry about that! Could you give me some more information? What's your system, and what exactly happens?

There's a wealth of really cute art here!

That makes sense! Using a buggy engine is hell.

I like the concept! I did find it quite buggy, unfortunately. The text entry bit took me a while because it kept refusing to accept the answer.

It's all fan written! Some of the dialogue references discussions from the game, some doesn't. I wrote it all. ✌️ Thanks for playing!

This is great!

An interesting concept that is, sadly, all too real in more than just the one country. The metaphor shows just how pointless much of the process is.

Thanks very much!

Looks like a promising start!

If I'd had this on the Gameboy as a kid, I would have sat there and played for hours straight.

Thank you for playing it.

Bought on Steam instead, but I wanted to drop a review here and say that this game was fantastic! Best one yet.

I adore the nostalgic brutality this game manages to embody. Especially as things bend towards the surreal. The story beats balance well in the realm of creepy and sad. Little details like a playground slide pushing you into a gaping hole create a wonderful rotten set piece. It's great!

Oh ho, this is fun. Great use of sound effects to heighten the creepiness.

Some very cute pieces in here!

Very nice. Creepy.

The gameplay choices with this were fun and unique. Good game!

Pizza pizza pizza.

A tragedy in few words.