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I am following you for months, maybe year :-)

I have no notifications about new releases.

At least, I check this page frequently.

Finished it just now.

Another masterpiece.

Can't really tell if this happens also from disk.

I made a WHDLoad from the generic 3.1 and does the same as if I ran the disk from WB.

It takes chip instead of fast. The older one does not and missing the first so I cannnot test it.


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The latest version needs 2MB chip on my machines :-/

Great title.

Great game.

Made a cartridge and a rom version.

Send me a mail if you want to include them.


Yeap, I've longplayed all of them on YT.

Now I have another one to do :-)

A fantastic game just got better

I thought there was a password system :-)

I will if something goes wrong and report it.

Thank you.

Love this type of game!!!
On every level, I can see a text, is this a level password?

Ok, I think I've found it.

This page is confusing me, don't know where your email is :-)

Oh, you already made the cart :-D

I sent you the ROM version at your mail a couple of days ago.

You can use no_cart 1.4 to reduce the size to 256K.

email sent :-)

I made a dual ROM for this game for CPC rom boards and M4.

If you like to include it, give an email or something.

Cheers, great game.

You can put 1 and 2 on keyboard joystick selection, to joypads A-B.

Is there an email or something to upload them?

The cart version works only on plus machines, I can't remap the keys as the games needs 1-2 to be pressed though.


I made a cartridge and a dual rom version for this game.

If you're interested to include them here, sent me a msg,


Will longplay this!!!

Another quality port!


Will there be an Amstrad version too?

Waiting for the final version to make a longplay video :-)

Looks amazing

Like Katakis/Denaris where the second player had the shield ball thingy.

Player 2? Coop mode?

Indeed, it was slower and at some point there were no bullets like the arcade.

There is no problem though, the port is AWESOME!!!

A direct comparison, great job!!!

I hate game remakes, but this one nailed it!!!

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Downloaded anyway :-)

For some reason, I get this warning :-/

WARNING: This Page Has Been Quarantined

Our system has flagged this page for additional review due to potential suspicious behavior from the page owner.



Fantastic game, I made a ROM version (2 ROMS).

If you want them, I can send them via email or something.


Finished it on hard mode.

Big improvement!

Another update!!!

Thank you man.

This and River Raid are the games I wanted for the Amiga.

Thank you jotd,

Fantastic release.

I made myself an HDD version :-D

Where can I post some bugs I've found?

I don't care, I love this game as is, but maybe you want to know about them :-)

Got it, thanks!