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Vincent Vially

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Good game, but I don't think that jobs should be a right. People don't want to work, they want to live

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WTF DankLord, I see you whining in the comments of every single leftist game

I made one, it's called I'll get to this chest!.

Bitsy Game Maker community · Created a new topic Bitsy font

What's the font used in Bitsy ?

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Chouettos, on dirait que la structure du calendrier est basée sur Twine, c'est le cas ?

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How do we organize that ? A Discord server ? Everyone who's interested could join it before we start to decide how to take turns.

I say on this tutorial that I could put some music in my game, but is anyone knowing a way to change music when the character gets into another room ?

Ren'Py (for graphic novels) and the Godot Engine bot are free and open source softwares.

just DIY :^)

Even My little blacksmith shop is political as it depicts a way of life. Politics are everything about living in society, every interaction is political, and only someone lost in the middle of the vacuum of space would not have any interaction.

Très érotique

Ça marche pour moi, merci !

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Windows 10.

Mais j'essaierais sur Ubuntu un de ces jours.

Ça a l'air trop cool mais faut au moins 19 amis, triste :'^(

J'entend tout mais j'ai un écran noir. J'ai pas pu jouer à ton jeu précédent pour la même raison. :/

Thanks, today was kind of a bad day and ur game made me kinf of happy :^)

I can't download it. Is any part out yet ?

Cool game, are you planning to do an extended version ?

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This was a good prototype. One thing that, on my mind, should be modified is that the key associated to each spell could be displayed at least in the first room. I was pretty lost at the beginning and played really badly.

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Sympa mais ça serait chouette d'ajouter des bruitages et de la musique, c'est possible ?