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Vincent Nijman

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Thank you for your kind words and comment. Glad you liked it :>)

I get it. Bats are, indeed, pretty awesome and the night makes me thoughtful too.

Cool to hear about how you made the room and to learn about your hacks. I am still very much of a beginner here, so I dont even know what vanilla Bitsy means ( I guess it means basic - without any hacks )

P.S. Have you ever considered changing your username to moonbat? ;>)

It works now. Thanks

It sure was one of the very best parts and reminded me of the so called 'Longneck' ( I think it was how they named the Brachiosaurus ) in the dinosaur movie(s) I watched in the 1990s: 'The Land Before Time' :>)

Love the looks of this and I find it's pretty original. Also the nature theme and the game taking place at night really appeal to me.

Did you make these levels just by using tiles? 

Hi Andrew,

It seems to freeze at the start screen ( with the red 'do not climb on the dinosaurs' sign.



Awesome and thank you! You'll be hearing from me one of these days.

I can hardly believe that you made this in just a week and as your very first game.

It's amazing, both in plot, story, storytelling, art and gameplay. I also love how you mix the past ( history and dinos ) with the now ( the selfie culture ).

Would love to reach out to you to ask you some questions on how you made this. Is there any way I can contact you?



Awesome! Cool theme, nice, original twists and use of level design ( especially the 'growing your neck' part ) and very cute too :>)